Friday, 5 February 2016

Believe me .. It is done...! STM - 2nd entry closing - Report Card

Yes Boss...! It is done...!

We have closed the 2nd Entry holdings, which we entered on yesterday ....!

It may go beyond this on Monday, if it gets positive opening  - but the same amount of chances are there for negative trend... (who are we to decide? ) & in that case, we may end up again on the entry price itself...

Why to give chance for that?

Who knows what will happen in these two days....  It is better to make exit and be relaxed...!

So... closed the positions and the details are given below...!

Did you notice  - Even there was a swing yesterday - our combo price was rock solid from the moment, we entered and till now.....! 

If you effectively see - from 1st Feb to 5th February - 5 working days , we have made the net profit of 5.21% with Average 1% a day.....I am really satisfied, with the condition of not pressing the accelerator yet.... ( for the benefit of new entries.....   )

Without even noticed, a solid 5% margin in a week....!   A Massive...?  It may look low.. but throughout the week , there was no bit of worries..... even for 0.0001% Did any one feel the unsecured feeling - while entering both sides with just 200 points span ?  Do whatever you want.... Winning is important with safe play...!


 From Monday , it will be on a medium throttle.... & Excuse me after Monday, as take off will be completed & will be a high flier....!

Repeatedly I am saying this , I am expecting a big / big swing , in the next couple of weeks....!

Hope you have enjoyed the first two Calls... went on live.... well informed...! More than that did you learn anything on the practice of disciplined trading is important...! 

 It may go even 10% on Monday / next week - but is better to analyse and enter it afresh will be better... ..! If the same trend is continued as per the indicators - I can realign the positions with 7600 & MAR 7400 ... or vice versa...Why not?

Stay connected for the more updates ...... !

Have a wonderful week end.... &  Pray the almighty sincerely for our group's grand success...! 

With HIS blessings anything is possible..!

“The best exercise in social life is bending down to lift some one else up.” - Mother Teresa

will catch you soon...!

With kind regards,


Message on 2nd Entry entering.....dt 4th Feb,2016   for quick reference...
Whether good or bad - we need the movement..... As I always say - trader need not to be a great technical analyst..... Trading discipline is important than anything else......

Well, Though the move is so conspicuous on uni-direction , go always with the shelter....

STM - We are taking the following positions today......:

Current Spot price on NIFTY : 7403.35

Entering into FEB CALL 7500 - Rs. 77.50
MARCH : PUT 7300 - Rs. 148.50

Total for Combo : 226.00 

Amount invested only 40% of the amount from the unit price :  Rs . 10,356.00


  1. It shows very well effort and experience.Fine,Keep it up.May Lord Annamalaiyar guide you in right way.And also I thank to God to show a fine person like you in my life.

  2. Superb .... report Card Simple And Understandable..

  3. Great...Rishi...Thank you very much for your efforts and success.

  4. Thank you ji. It is very happy to know the second profit booking and more than that I feel very satisfy of our current plan. With his blessing we can reach more high in he coming days. Thanks once again for being with us . Thanks from heart ji

  5. Bamboo already visible above ground!!!....Zoom.....

  6. Dear Rishi Sir
    We are very happy to see this successive win.We all Pray to the Almighty Lord Arunachaleshwara to continue our success.

  7. Real take off is there & really we are going to touch the sky.... We wish Him to bless us....

  8. Respected sir,

    Thank you very much for your effort for growth of our members.