Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Brave heart decision - Selling only PUT option... above 145+....!

Dear Friends,

Hold your breath..... As the signal is very clear , I am coming off only from PUT Option ....

Sold it above 145+   range ....!....!

A brave move --- must be required sometimes, as VIX is likely to play a very tricky move...!

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour chart shows there is a bit of chances for minor pull back...!

As our break even is 198 -----  We still need to get a minimum 53 + brokerage.... from CALL Side...!


Anything goes wrong & if the situation does not favour - we can align it futher...... if not immediately , may be tomorrow or after  , we can enter surely the same counter at lesser rate....


But nothing to worry...!

Letz hope for the best...!

With kind regards,



  1. I think excellant move rishi sir...Absolutely Correct!!!

  2. again we catch your point sir
    thanks and regards

  3. Thanks for your timely move. which teaches the technical adjustments practically thro' clear glass visibility towards forward move & safe profitable exit when time permits.

  4. thanks sir , you make very sensitive effort for all of us, we always blessed with annamalaiyar, OM NAMASIVAYA

  5. ithu enna anna namma attathula puthurakama iruku (he he vadivel joke)

    thanks rishi anna