Monday, 29 February 2016

Exit made on 7500 MAR CALL Options @ 23 - STM 7th & 8th Entries completed fully...!

Dear Friends,

I have made the exit on CALL options at Rs .23 /- And finally we are out of STM 7th Entry completely...! I have used the swing of 25+ and started closing from 23.50 onwards...! when Nifty was on its way from 7060, downwards...!

I am preparing the report card now and will be updated in our next post...!

As some of you may be waiting for the updation  - on line, I am sending this info...!

So, we are gearing up for the 9th Entry ....! (8th Entry of fresh in & out already done..!) either today itself / tomorrow / at appropriate time...!

I am keeping away the Selling units as requested - separately & Entering into 9th position with the balance Qty...!

Let us pray HIM sincerely, to seek HIS blessings to continue on our winning streak...!

With kind regards,


( Report Card - follows in our next post...)


  1. Thanks to you and the DIVINE...

    Eagerly waiting to see the report card.

  2. Great close out. Thanking you n praying to Annamalaiyar unnamulai ammai for continuous shower & blessing for success to all our team/family.

  3. Many more thanks to rishi and Lord arunachaleshwar.

  4. Excellant Rishi Sir.. Thank you so much ...His blessing always with us...I hope this winning streak all time we have.. Because of you only Sir!!!

  5. Well done sir congratulations..

  6. Thank you sir
    It is possible only by your great effort

  7. Simply Superb..... We know the pressure of this task. You handle it as usual.
    His blessings are always with us. We pray for his blessings to continuously support us.

  8. excellent sir, all is annamalaiyar blessings, OM NAMASIVAYA