Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Exploring STM - First Success...!

The Divineful journey of Share The Magic is started from today....!

It is just not the technical analysis..... something beyond that , which all of us know .... Let us pray Him to continue the shower of His blessings...!

“ Even if you are in the right track , you will get run over if you just sit there.”

- Swami Vivekananda


I have closed the combo of First position - which we took two days back.....!

40% amount Entered at the base price : Rs. 202 for Combo

Closed today at Rs. 205+21 = 226 ..........

Profit made for Rs. 24.00 ...

Deducted for Average taxes and other commission : Rs. 6.00

Net Profit : Rs. 18.00 for combo after taxes........

Percentage of Margin : 18/202 = 8.91% 

So, our base price is Increased to Rs. 10,356 /-
from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 4356.00 & 60% Reserve we kept Rs. 6,000. 

If anyone wants to enter / withdraw - the applicable price per unit is Rs. 10,356.00 

( Status as of 03rd Feb,2016 - 3.00 P.M)

Addition of  Profit 3.56% margin in total from the day of 22nd Jan,2016.......
(Refer trading calendar)

Our opening price for the day 4th Feb,2016 will be = Rs. 10,356.00 per unit.

If any one wants to buy afresh, needs to invest Rs. 10,356.00 per unit - against our assured buy back price for the day Rs. 10,243.00 per unit ( Refer our trading calendar sent along with STM scheme )

Believe me, even this base price is too nominal, compare to the 7 trading days ... Just going slowly for the benefit of new investors....... Hurry up, if you want to enroll in STM...... it will be beyond reach, if my indicators signals are working smoothly.....!

Those who have queries, may write to me  :

With kind regards,



Though this level was reached during day opening itself... Signals were indicating for further...but satisfying with the profit, dare not to take the risk of overnight holding.....

Previous position we took on 1st February,2016.....
I have decided today & entering it with the total Capital of 40% into the following positions....

CURRENT NIFTY spot price is : 7573.00
As per my indicators signal, there could be a break out & NIFTY is likely to move towards 7700 with proper pricing support, if sufficient volumes help.

NIFTY : FEB CALL 7700 OPTION with the buying price of Rs. 63.50  current month.....
MARCH Expiry 7400 - PUT OPTION with the buying price of Rs. 138.50 next month....
In total, our buying price for this combo is Rs. 202.00 (Excluding the taxes and other charges)

The remaining capital of Rs. 6,000/- is kept as reserve.......


  1. It is very happy moment that to know our first position got 4 percent decent profit. Keep continue this in coming days. Thanks ji

  2. Congrats Sir!!!...Let the Successful run continue with his blessings...Jai Shree Ram..Hara Hara Magadeva...

  3. Dear Sir,

    I was tracking this combo after your post. Today March Put 7400 went upto a maximum of Rs. 215 and come back.

    so from our enough principle we have nicely closed it on Rs.205 with our 4% target.

    So thrilled to watch these activities, with his blessing , I hope we mostly march towards the target.

    Thank you sir,

    with warm regards

    Velmurugan M

  4. Thank you very much Rishi for your efforts and success...

  5. Marvelous!!! Excellent !!! Genius !!! Result of Dedication and Faithfulness in Almighty Lord Arunachaeswara !!!

  6. its really fantastic sir.. i am follow your tips today 11 am its going on 565Rs profit, i am not invested any amount but also watch your tips its really good...

  7. என்ன தவம் செய்தனை..கண்ணா என்ன தவம் செய்தனை,..எங்கும் நிறை இறை உடன் இருக்க யான் என்ன தவம் செய்தனை,.

  8. Good start with his blessings will continue Rishi Sir success...

  9. thanks & congradulations sir, continue with his blessings "om Namasivaya"