Thursday, 11 February 2016

Nifty's trend - 11th Feb,2016

Dear Friends, Good morning

NIFTY has broken all the major support and inching towards 7120 level today...... This level needs to be watched , if at all for any pull back..... otherwise 7040 will be touched without any problem...!

7040 - will be almost the bottomed out position for a longer run & from there NIFTY will start to bounce back, as per the technical indicators signal...!

7240 will act as a big resistance for a while & only after NIFTY manages to close above 7425 - it will remain in bears control & will try to pull back to 7150 zone....!

Range for the day as per indicators :  7116 to 7236 on a shorter range...

For STM - now all of you might have understood why I keep on telling to enter on both sides & back up is must for any entry...!

Here, For our 4th Entry - our back up position gives us a big relief..... without creating much pressure, though it is against our expectation...!  Since, we got the 7100 FEB PUT as back up for our 7400 MAR CALL - there is absolutely nothing to worry...! 

Whether it is happening as we expect or not - we should earn some amount of margin for each entry.... That is more important than anything else.... It may take one or two days delay... nothing wring in it...! We do not worry whether market is bull / bear .... we just need movement.....& we need to mint money for our each attempt... that's all ! If it is broken 7000 also, we will be more happy.... why not? 

From this moment also, NIFTY started reversing , again there won't be any problem ....! We are on 100% safe sailing ...... ! I am not aligning the position (or) averaging it, as the situation does not warrant for that....!


From US FED there will be some announcements tonight - which is expected to give some big sigh of relief to global market...... Let's see....!

RBI is expected to go for some corrective measures to have a control on Currency market...

We are going to have the Budget rally.... whether budget is going to be good or bad , there will be some speculative buying......

So, there will be a non stop pull back upto 7520 level, which can further drive upto 7960+ also...!
So, for a medium run - you can align your holdings accordingly....! But, Never dare to have a single side holding.....!


It is not a statutory warning...: VIX signals a very heavy premium reduction.....! Keep an eye....! Even a few hours flat  / volatile movement will reduce a hefty premium on both sides....


Most likely, the 4th entry will get closed today / tomorrow... will keep you updated....!

Have a nice day!

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    I thinks it is all pre planned for prem eating. let see the market. if it continue to red put will help us.

    praying for speedy recovery the mkt


  2. Yes Sir it is now at 7137 level....Let's keep watching. I am sure of Succeeding in this combo also with his blessing and your clear calculation.



  3. Dear Rishi Sir
    Lets All Hope and Pray Sri Arunachaleswara for the Best to happen

  4. Good morning Mr. rishi,
    Thank you very much for your information & effort.
    Keep up your good work.

    Thanks &Regards,
    Nandakumar SM

  5. Sir, now 7040 level also broken and closed in 6976 level now what is the next support level.....tomorrow can we expect a heavy pull back towards 7500 and can we go for Call option...