Monday, 22 February 2016

NIFTY's Trend - 22nd Feb,2016

Dear Friends, Good morning

As per the technical indicators - NIFTY is aligned to have the range of 7040 on lower side & 7485 on higher side..!

As we have the F&O expiry in this week - there will be some tricky play...! Upward movement / downward movement - Profit booking which will show immediate opposite direction / premium reduction ....etc etc...!

When the signal is very much positive, the biggies have already started selling... which will try to bring the index downside..! So,  It needs of lot of alertness , if we have the holdings...!

We have already considered all sort of these factors & entered into our 7th Entry of STM....!

So, nothing to worry...! Keep a cool head... wherever it leads to whether 7400 / 7000 .....!


Let us pray the almighty on this auspicious MAASI MAGAM, for our team's great success..!

As I already informed - today we are ceiling the STM maximum limit...! 
Any fresh remittance  / the transfer requests from other schemes - received till today upto 2.00 P.M.will be considered & also will be transferred into STM today itself...! Or at the maximum till today evening...... After that any buying can happen / only in the case of sellers available...!

This is mainly to have the control - on Entering position - whether 50% / 60%  any percentage.... as any fresh incoming fund will lead to some sort of confusion ......! Sometimes , it may be a loss for me too to an extent..!
Accounting will be simpler for me , how much we are entering / how much we have reserve...! 

It's a high flier game.... and I want to make it as simple as possible, without any complication.....! Hope now you might have understood what is the factor behind this major decision..!

If there is anything to decide, act immediately...!
There is nothing wrong even if you enter later, but do not regret you may have to invest a bit more..! 


DHEEPAM 13th batch is starting from tomorrow & will be completed by Wednesday.. & also incase of any old pending transfers will get included...!


Have a nice day !

With kind regards,



  1. what going on the market sir.

    very narrow range last 2 hrs very tricky.

    Hope the position complete today itself, Praying this great day for wealth and happy to all of us,
    thank you

  2. thanks for updating levels anna ..........


  3. Praying to god we can safely exit(STM 7) Today...
    Thank you for your updates.

  4. Respected sir,

    Thank you very much for your message and trend of Nifty and our position on 7th entry. As you remarked that, I have already given a mail to transfer to STM. Pl. send a hint on transfer takes place to keep track.

    with kind regards,


  5. Dear sir what is the present position of SIP & SURAKSHA ?