Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Nifty's trend for the day - 16th Feb,2016

Dear Friends, Good morning

I hope you might have visualised the impact of VIX drop , in the last couple of sessions - to cool off it has to take any uni-directional move - it could be on either side....

So, finally we have come from all the way to near major resistance zone of 7240 very quickly...!

Indicators suggests from 6860 level , the support level is jumping to 7040 level...! We will have to wait and watch whether it can catch up 7240 also, as the base....!

As long as 7040 is not broken - Nifty will try to move in between 7040 to 7240 level...!

Well, if NIFTY manages to close above 7240 session and the pricing action is supportive, we can move towards 7420 level very swiftly...!

Indicator signals the short term NIFTY is in the range of 7040 to 7300 & for a medium range 6860 to 7485 range...!

You may align your positions accordingly....!


I think  we can make the 5th Exit today.... ! & if possible we can make attempt for 6th Entry too...! Let's hope for the best!

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sail.”

- Swami Vivekananda

From the existing members, I am getting requests to buy fresh units....! Please note that you can buy / sell at any time on the prevailing prices..... no need to wait for mail confirmation..... 

The reason is, It may jump on steeply, before you could act...! 

Make the transfer and get mail acknowledgement for the receipt confirmation please...... mention your ID number for any selling units...!


Wish you all a great day...!  

With kind regards,



  1. Good morning sir,
    It is up and down more and getting mode ideas for option trade.

    Praying for safe and wealth for all of us.
    Thanks for all

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  3. Rishi Sir I believe our 5th STM might be done by this time. His blessings always there for us.

  4. Oh My god!!! thank you so much rishi Sir.. Your unbelievable prediction on Nifty is kissed to 7040 Points.