Friday, 26 February 2016

Nifty's trend - March Series - STM aligning 7th Entry..!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Well, we are ready to face the Budget day...!
Though it is not much expected by the market from this year budget , my Indicators are alarming a wide range this time....!

We can not rule out breaking 6860 this time & the crash may further dragging upto 6520 ...!
But the condition will be invalidated if we make any closing above 7240+
If the market is managed to get the closing above 7240 , there could be a bright chance for 7485 - 7600 level...!

So, the wide range is opened upto 6520 on lower side & 7600 on upper side...!

So, Pull up your socks  & get ready for an enchanting MARCH series...!


As we have MARCH 7500 CALL - for the counter balance, I am entering APRIL 6800 PUT option the range of 125....!   ( NIFTY is at 7007). I am trying to buy below 125 to whatever possible price...If it comes cheaper, it will be still better...! Let us see...! Will update you after completion of full positions....!

Our expected price for 6800 APR PUT + 7500 MARCH CALL combo is at least to cross 200+  now , it is being at 150+ only..! 

Both may look like a slow moving counters , but you can visualise the benign presence of biggies, very soon...! we are entering at few hours advance...!

From the 7000 PUT value, which we have sold @ 145....! The balance amount is added with Reserve value...!  Forget a moment on the calculation part , till I send the final report card - 7th & 8th closing...!


Dheepam batch pending amount was still pending for few members, yesterday could not able to complete in the morning hours... It will be done today....
Incase if any one left out, will make thru IMPS tomorrow...!


With kind regards,



  1. Good morning
    Thanks for the information and ready to see the budget rally.

  2. God is always with us, Thanking always His/Her shower, praying to continues shower for us / Team n All thro' YOU.

  3. Ok Rishi. Looking forward to the massive move. This month is going be bigger month as well in terms of expiry day.

  4. i am waiting (for budget rally ) :P

  5. Thank you for the update Rishi sir