Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Site Access & STM Available units and other info....

Dear Friends,

The testing is completed to lock the site & from next week - it will be available only to our group members & to the mail Ids authorised by us...!

I am not sure  , whether this will accept mail IDs other than G-Mail..... You can have a try (or) it would be better to open a g-mail account and inform me , for access rights..!

I thought of  we can have a trial  on Friday .... But, happy to get immediate response, when I locked for few minutes from members whoever been  on- line..... ! So, need not to worry on trial...! Its working perfectly....!


For STM - if my expectation is correct, most likely we will close the entry by Friday...!

There could be a rise of another 7 to 10% by next Tuesday / Wednesday , in our Unit price.... lets hope for the best...! Fresh March series ...!

Today HSBC also making - exactly similar to my earlier statement - Don't expect big announcement in this year budget....!

After 7th & 8th Exits completed - STM Units 167 are available for per the requests received till today noon...! It may get added a bit by Friday ....! If any one is interested to buy , you can send your requests....max. allowed upto 167 Qtys. It can be allotted on Priority..! 
If no enough takers  / enough Qty ... will be happy and these Qtys will get reduced from our total size...!

Do not make transfer, till you get the confirmation please...!


Dheepam & other pending transfers are being made & most likely you will get by evening..... Still, pending for a few members. For them, it will be done tomorrow.......!

With kind regards,



  1. thank you for your information sir

  2. Respected sir,

    Thank you for your effort on development of system to access the website to our group members. Further, anything for sms alert for any message entered into the website. That is , our aim is to aware the latest trend / message raised by the author.

    with kind regards,