Thursday, 25 February 2016

Still .... No big change in the structure...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

From the STM - 7th Entry - we have come out of PUT option - which was 80 % investment - out of that  ( (70% of 80% ) 56% was PUT option & ( 30% of 80% ) 24 % was in CALL option - which we are still holding...!

I was waiting for 7000 PUT to come below 115  - as per the signal - but it is still going above due to expiry impact...!

Also, I was looking for 18 range for CALL option to do averaging - but it is still above 23 range...!


Let is be as it is for a while - I will send you the report card - today evening...! or tomorrow morning .....Also including the 8th Exit...!

NIFTY is showing the range of 6860 to 7485 range...!

Today , I am having audit & likely to be free after 5.30 P.M. completely...!


We may expect some kind of volatility in the market - As I have indicated earlier , some amusing move is expected before the budget day...! Let us try to capitalise..!

Fresh entry of double side - can be done ... now itself....! I am going to make entry tomorrow - with a fresh mind..!

With kind regards,