Tuesday, 9 February 2016

STM - 4th Entry

Dear Friends, Good morning

I hope all of you might have thrilled about the third entry and exit..! 
STM speed has nothing to do with our other schemes designated speed...! Each scheme has a different purpose and method of operation...! It is a kind of 20-20 thriller ---- hit ball by ball and not to loose main wickets with a shorter duration... Suraksha and Dheepam are like one day matches and 5Y33K is like a test match....! Safeguarding the wicket but different acceleration based on the situation is must...!

When we go rash , we need to go for utmost care and thorough analysis..! 


Due to the global pressure and panic selling,  NIFTY has broken the major support and dragging towards 7240......!

Key levels to watch - 7240 / 7118 on lower side & further towards 7040....

& on higher side - 7365 - 7425 - 7515 .....!

But my technical indicators are giving the signal towards 7365 to 7425 zone & for a medium run upto 7900 level...!

So, It will not be a worrying situation - as the movement will be huge with volatility ....!  

VIX is mounting up , any reduction will lead to severe premium reduction...! This suggests a uni-direction move , for next 2-3 sessions till VIX is cooling off.

Currency is floating like sponge - which I am sure , there will be some foul play in the currency market...!

Considering all the above factors, I have entered the following position for STM. 
A bit of amusing combo...?

Let's wait and watch, how quick this combo will benefit us..!

Caution : VIX indicates a big premium correction... Those who are holding double side position, needs to take care of.....!

With kind regards,



  1. Dear Rishi Sir
    It seems to be a great combo.lets all Pray

  2. good combo. praying for the regular victory

  3. Annamalaiyar Unnamulai Ammaikku Nandrigal kodi, because His/Her grace, your quick & timely prediction and exit with safe,chinese bombo growth happening.
    Always thanking and appreciating to your hard/smart work.

  4. Respected sir,

    Thank q very much for your message. This is OK for report card purpose. But it is not like a previous method of advising to our members thro' mail like advise to go for Nifty call/put as per your indicators and other elements.

    Through email is good and privacy also there. But this is open forum and everybody(other than members) may see our activities.


  5. Hi Rishi,
    You are the best Fund Manager.