Monday, 15 February 2016

STM - 5th Entry !

Dear Friends, Good morning

In my communication, I used to tell frequently - to be on resilient mode - just to stay away - wait and watch mode...!

Just to understand the importance, I am giving below the example - what could have happened, if we retained any positions....!

Today NIFTY is floating above 140 points being traded at 7140 range....!

On Friday suppose, if we had 

A) FEB 6900 PUT + FEB 7300 CALL =  74 + 17 =  Rs.87 
     Now it is at 26 + 25 = Rs. 51   ====== Approx 40% is gone...!

B) Suppose, we had FEB6900 PUT + MARCH 7300 CALL = 74 +106 = Rs. 180

     Now it is available for  26 + 127= 153 ==========  still there is a drop by 10%

Yes, if we had single side position, it would have fetched us a benefit -- that too some extent only...!

This is the impact of Volatility Index  ----  !  
Caution : Expecting further dips also...!    


Well, for the STM - 5th entry , Considering so many factors  I am opting for the combo of 

FEBRUARY series 7100 PUT - Currently at  Rs. 78.00
MARCH Series 7400 CALL - Curently at Rs. 97.00

total combo price is Rs. 175.00    ( NIFTY @ 7122 .....)

If we had entered the same combo on Friday 
- we could have bought nothing less than 175 + 77 = 272.00 ----

A huge   35% - offer price.... Just for one day's patience waiting.! ?

Let's wait and watch... friends...!  Here we go...!



All the pending transfers , except those who have requested to hold - have been processed -( effectively used this week end for accounting & transfers). The amount will get credited in your account today before bank closing hours....


In my last mail - I have asked for your name & mail ID - in the comments box..... 

Please note that this is for my reference only - for access rights activation  & This comment will not get published......! Do not worry..!

I have sent the communication to the friends whoever not yet come to know about 5Y33K , as for as I know based on the recent my mail transactions... I hope I will pass on the message to all in a day or two....! 

Once this activity is done, our website will be locked and can be viewed only for the accepted mail IDs....  Thank you all for you understanding...!

With kind regards,



  1. Dear Rishi Sir
    Thank You For Your Information

  2. Mr. Rishi

    Please change "NIFTY 7300 MAR CALL" AS NIFTY 7400 MAR CALL"

    T. Lakshmanan

    1. Corrected the typo error....Sir! Thanks..!

  3. Respcted sir,

    Thank q very much for your information. I am not able to understand the STM activity. So far the amount shown in the report card is for all members(WHO HAVE JOINED FOR THE STM)whose amount is taken for investment or only Rs.10000/- alone is takent for investment. Kindly clarify for further deposting the amount to the STM activity.

    with kind regards,


    1. I will write you a detailed mail ..! Please wait...!

  4. good morning ji

    we are very much interesting to see the plan and further activities.


  5. MAASI maatha Maari(Arul,porul n nirai)malaikku vitthu itta ungalukku nandrigal pala........

  6. "Rishi" Sir,
    Thanks for your valueable support and time to time updates on STM Positions and Market Nifty Trend every day.
    I have just learned more about Market "call and put options" Trading.
    Now every day eagerly intent to read your updates.
    All the credit goes to you only sir and his blessing also.
    Thank you so much forever!!!!

  7. Hello sir,

    Thanks for the update sir every day i used to read your blog please add me in your group sir,