Monday, 29 February 2016

STM - 7th & 8th Entry and Exit - Report Card & Announcement on TDS !

Dear Friends,

Well , finally it was a smart and very tricky play - helped us to manage the closing above 6th Exit...!

We had the expiry & we had the budget sessions & VIX has literally tossed up every one , who have the strategies ...! All the CALL & PUT option are in Red than previous closing prices now, inspite of huge swing....!  The same combo is available for Rs.131.00 - which we managed closing at Rs. 197.00 with lot of permu combo. though there was some loss...!

Now you can understand the serious pressure of the trading...!
But , as usual, we have ended up with colours...! Once again it was HIS mercy...!

If we stuck on to our Rs. 200/- price - now might have retained up with approx. 30% less capital...! It was the trick, signals of technical indices, which urged us to make our moves smartly ,timely & Aggressively...!

I should admit the fact that the 7th & 8th Entry combos - literally demanded a master's maturity - when the situation went adverse..... & thank God, we could make on the ending with positive note...! 

So, Gentlemen, For the month of February -  we have ended up with a massive 33% margin...with the magical live actions...!

It would have been slightly better , but nothing to feel bad, once it is done...!
Let us look ahead , keeping our head straight!

We march on to MARCH series , with the hope of breaking this Feb record.... I am sure, we can with the right approach.....!


Our Unit price / Unit is being settled at Rs. 13,293.00   & which can be bought at the same rate, whoever is interested...! Nothing is too late...! Even if you decide and invest now, atleast you can earn 10% to 15% margin every month..!

For all the investor friends - From April 1st onwards , whatever remittance we make, it will be done after deducting TDS deductions as applicable...!  Currently @ 2%...!
Suppose if you were receiving  Rs. 1,000/- every month till now,  you will be getting only Rs. 980/- 

For the financial year 2016-17 - we will be issuing the TDS certificate, to claim for IT filing...! It will be a hassle free transactions, for both you and me..!

With kind regards,


  ( Updated with MAR 7000 PUT with Sold value of Rs. 145.00 ( Our brave heart sold position - single side) Initially it was calculated as on the buying value of 133+, while sending the report card )


  1. Thanks to you and DIVINE...

    It was a real thriller to watch the market with our positions... You are a real hero... Thanks again.

    1. +1

      Great Rishi Sir....

      Again Its MAGIC with His Blessing....

  2. Thank you for your guidance and safe trading ji

  3. Thanks lot Rishi Ji... and
    your presents of mind god gift to you.
    Realy happy to say we are with you in line.
    Thanks lot once again with HIS blessing

  4. Thank for the huge profit sir.
    It is 33 percent profit in feb. 1/3 of money earned
    Really great.
    Thank you sir

  5. Thank you sir for your tricky decision taken at right time

  6. Thank you very much sir .can't imagen 33 percentage in one month .Its only because of you sir .

  7. Dear Rishi Sir, LOT OF Thanks for you made 33% profit in this tremendous pressure (Expiry date & budget rally) . You take risk also. Really great and thank you sir

  8. Realy Great.Keep It Up.Cheer's
    Thanks and Regards

  9. thanks sir , it is a magical journey once again proved with his blessings, OM NAMASIVAYA

  10. Wow! Great Achievement... our learning process continued with our earning process with Rishi Ji...

  11. Amazing Performance Rishi. Wishing and Praying for the continuous success.

    A Humble request.
    We all are chosen by god for some reason. So let us explore the reason and some of the Paper, yes just consider some % of the return as a Paper or Key that can make change in the life of people in need. It could be a Cancer, Dialysis or any Treatment, bailing out their Trouble, giving a hand to come up in life [ Like Rishi did to us, It should be a Chain Reaction in the Society]

  12. Risxhi sir,
    I am a follower of the living extra blog.I want to join this group. I had also sent an email to editor living extra on January 19, 2016. Please send the details.