Monday, 22 February 2016

STM - 7th Entry - Re-Aligning...!

Dear Friends,

As we have the expiry in 3 days - I feel it is better to close the current month CALL option & to change this into next month option...!

I have just closed the positions of FEB - 7200 CALL OPTION & only to that value Switched to 
MAR 7500 CALL Option....!

Though , the indicators signal is very clear - there is nothing wrong in it ...!

There will be some changes in the buying price... as we have sold at 71 & entered MARCH 7500 CALL at 78.00 rupees...!

There is an increase of Rs. 7.00 & Plug brokerage is Rs. 3.00 

So, our break even of 188 is increased to Rs. 198.00 - which is currently available at 172.00 in actual...!  But, there will not be any problem...! Let us stay cool...!

Sorry ---- Don't think since we have entered - we should not close...!
Nothing like that....! Do whatever is required , cleverly...!

Sail it safely...!

Immediately , after closing , even if it touches 7350 also ---- do not feel bad....! Once we closed , that is not our counter.... not to bother anything....!

With kind regards,



  1. BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT & this also purely gods wish n grace only.

    Thanks lot for adjustment move.

  2. Good decision ji
    Because we have 3 days only for expiry. So your decision is correct. Now we rr safe. May be this position we can close today also if in profit

  3. Rishi Sir its cleaver move Expire before budget so let's wait for good move..Please update unit details and I'd no for my request.

  4. k na waiting for budget rally ...............

    thank you