Wednesday, 24 February 2016

STM - 8th Entry...!

Dear Friends,  Good morning

NIFTY is trying to break out the major support  7040 - if it happens, again we will have a free fall...!

As we have the expiry tomorrow - there can be a big , big surprising move .... ! 
I would like not to disturb the 7th Entry - CALL option for a while...!

The amount Sold on PUT option - is kept as it is...!

But going to utilise the Reserved amount of 20% - that is Rs. 2525.00 ( The amount of per unit price) - with a risk of current month combo  CALL Option 7100 & PUT option 7000 --- with the combined price of Rs. 35.00.....!
NIFTY at the position @ 7055


Let us call it as  " 8th Entry .... "  - This is only to utilise the big signals are indicating...!

In case of any flat movement -even for few hours - Premium of both sides will get wiped off... So, we need to act very smartly....!

If you are taking this position - keep a very close eye on the combo...! Otherwise better to be idle for a day......!

So, Here we go...!


Let us hope for the best !

With kind regards,



  1. Let Us All Hope and Pray to "Lord Annamalaiar" for the Best to Happen

  2. Your mind decision is blessed by Annamalaiyar Unnamulai Ammai.....
    Always thanking you n gods grace.

  3. anna our major support level 7040 breaked :)

  4. I couldn't understands these terminology, even I watching daily and learned bit and byte every day... thanks Mr.Rishi sir for the practical/live sessions...