Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Back to Ranipet today..!

Dear Friends, Good morning

I am back at Ranipet , today early morning ....! Had an excellent trip to native... and kula deivam temple....! Hope, re-charged enough for a while..! Just a meek surrender , with a humble request to HIM to take care of everything..!

Tired terribly due to night driving & two consecutive nights without sleep...!

But  - we may enter into the market today... based on the situation .... will keep your informed....!


When we took a break from the market - on last Wednesday - 2nd March,2016 - I have told that unless there was some sure shot, I would n't take any entry....!

One of our friends have told me, "Sir, I should learn this habit from you.... Even though money can be minted, even 1% or 2 % - you are taking the cool decision  of staying away from market sometimes and not to bother much...! "

I said - That's true Sir...! But this time it is not like that ... When we enter on double sides - we may not get fair chances for 1 or 2 sessions...!  My signals are not so clear this time...! direction less and also no big movement... a small wobbling around 7485....! So, thought of waiting for a while...! Let's see..! If there is a chance, it won't be let down...! 
He was just wondering a bit, with an unbelievable look - " one week - no movement..?!"


Market has proved once again as a loyal elephant  to the elephant stick..... !

Its always a surprise thing how a little elephant keeper communicates and controls with the giant elephant..! We can call whatever we like ------  Trust, confidence , loyal, love, affection, obedient, signals  & language ....?

NIFTY is like a giant...!  But, no problem - There are plenty of mahouts...! 

I am talking about the Technical indicators as Mahouts.....! If we try to understand that language, that will be as sweet as our mother tongue...! 

Well...! Here's the Giant's respect towards Laxman Rekha of 7485...!

On 3rd March - the high was made to 7483.95 & closing was at 7476
On 4th March - closing was 7485.35
5th - 6th - 7th - were Market holidays
On 8th March - closing was 7485.30


Absolutely nothing to wonder....! Believe me....! It's a fluke once again...! 


OK... So what...! We are in the dense forest & we have only one big giant, which can bring us out...! The ultimate way is to have good relationship with it...!
Let it be the master  & we can be a student...! No harm..! Learn day by day...!
But we have to ride on it smoothly....!

Here we go...!

Market is all set for a big roar - once again....! Let's fasten our seat belt and wait for one more fascinating journey....!

My indicators are aligned to the range of 7620 on higher side & an un-believable 6520 on lower side...! It may take a while....! I am not sure when we take the diversion...! As like you, I am also wondering, how it is showing...! Let us wait and watch...!


Message on DHEEPAM & Suraksha :

I am facing some problem in my net banking , as the password is reset and likely to be reactivated from today...! Nothing to worry...! I use this account only for settlement purpose...! Transfer the amount only on settlement day and wipe off. Most of the time, amount will be in 3 digits only.... 
Our Main Trading account is with other banks..! So, not bothered much. I am also adding the beneficiaries to my other banks too, slowly - so that there won't be any problem in the future...!

Suraksha transfer is not yet started & I am sending today and tomorrow...!
For Dheepam - 13th batch - for around 10 persons, pay-out is not made...! I am sending today, after noon - soon I get the net banking reactivation...! 

Those who are using net banking - are advised to change your password frequently -at least once / twice month...! If you are using mobile APP, try to avoid downloading games or APPs which are not so relevant...! Do not share the user ID / password even to near and dear ones...& do n't respond to any phone calls...! Don't open your net banking sites from net cafe / unknown computers.

In my case, I suspected some foul play...& without any hesitation - contacted the customer care in few seconds..! It will be like hitting his head on a wall in my case...! The guy will get tired and give up, even if it is tried out again and again..! I don't know how far, others can act smartly to it..! Its technology world and hackers are smarter...we can't afford even a small carelessness!  Be safe and secured...! 


Bye for now... Will catch you soon.....!

With kind regards,



  1. Rishi Sir good to know you charged fully his blessings in native this time more chances NIFTY will hit your lower range of 6520!!!! It will be very hard to believe but will happen soon....
    வாழ்க வளமுடன்...

  2. Sir, We can activate the OTP option where for every transaction a unique password will sent to your registered mobile number.

  3. Thank you very much sir

    Om arunachaleshwaraya namaha.

  4. Rishi Ji,

    Thanks for info...

    I am waiting....

  5. Good afternoon ji

    Happy to know the nifty details and praying for quick recovery of net banking.

    Ready for takeoff

  6. Always GOD with us. Hence we will be safety room of god. Ellam Eesan Seyal.

  7. Good jadgement sir ponnambalam

  8. I too shocked on seeing 7485.30 in the board!!