Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nifty's trend - 16th March, 2016

Dear Friends, Good morning

Indicators suggesting a big, big surprising move , very soon.....! 

The conditions set on the base range of 7485 range is perfectly aligned....!
I think, there is no need of Explaining 7485 pivot , to our readers any more,
as Nifty has already shown for the last 10 days...!

Don't ask me whether it is upwards / downwards....! When a coin is tossed - There is an equal chance for both Head  or Tail...! 

So, NIFTY is set for a toss...! &  Indicators suggest a clear biggie this time...! 

Eagerly waiting for that, as this could be a bumper bonanza...!  If you are trading , based on our recommendation levels,  don't miss this life time chance....! No exaggeration, just wait and see...!

Or on a safer side , if you have planned to invest further in STM by this month end -  Don't wait for month end, act as quick as possible...! I am expecting a flier.....! STM - Unit price is going to be red-hot...! 

(Unit Price : Rs. 15,700/- as of now.... Soon 11th entry is closed, it can be jacked up...  I am not going to add any more units, if there is no seller till 31st March) 

After 31st March, it is frozen for adding units....!

Get , set .... .... ..... ...... Go..!


For the day - It is taking the range of 7425 - 7447 as the base range & It is taking the 7351 to 7552 as the wider range....!

Important levels to watch :  7486 / 7502 / 7530 on a higher side...!
 & 7386 - 7364 - 7343 on a lower side...!


Have a beautiful day ...........!

With kind regards,


“ It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

- Napoléon Bonaparte, Hill  


  1. Enga annan(Rishi) potta koda(7485) thandi close ayita(Nifty) ini engaluku jackpot arambam...Regards,Raghu.

  2. thanks sir

    waiting for the takeoff

  3. Thanks rishi sir for your updates....

  4. Rishi Sir well said if we toss the coin both probability are there but most of the retailers doesn't accept this bitter truth and bet in one direction and end up on huge lose. We will win with your formula and keep winning. வாழ்க வளமுடன்... வாழ்க அறமுடன்

  5. Today is not also not touched our combo exit target. Very tricky market move. Let patiently wait............till target achieve....................

  6. Dear Sir,

    Ungalaivida ean pondra nanbargal nifty trend partri aaroodam solla aarampithuvittargal(ungalin anumadhiyudan) guruvai minchum shisyan aavargalo? (Just for jokeking)

    Thanks & Regards.
    M venugopal.