Thursday, 17 March 2016

Nifty's trend - 17th March,2016

Dear Friends, Good morning

For the day - NIFTY is taking the range of 7536 - 7633 as the short range & It is taking the 7470 to 7700 as the wider range....!

Important levels to watch : Once again 7485 ...!

If 7485 -7470 is not withheld, again there will be some correction for 100 - 150 points...!

Overall, indicators are suggesting NIFTY is intact for 7675 range....!


If you recall - my earlier message on 14th March...!

I would say this month is going to be one of the best series in the recent past! 

Lets switch on to action mode...! 

I am seeing zig-zag pulse as 7675 - 7240 - 7885...! But don't go blindly, have a back up and hold position..!


Once 7635 is crossed - be cautious & there could be a swift reversal towards 7300 once again, if 7675 is not withstanding ..!


STM - 11 th Entry - is nothing to worry ...! We have taken a very safe counters , considering all these sort of expected moves...!

There was a chance for single side exit - 3 times , but I do not want to disturb this combo - as it is a very narrow range...! Absolutely nothing to worry...!

Those who are holding - if you want , you can go for averaging (or) just wait for some time...!


When I indicated big move - I am happy to know that some of you got good benefits....! Congratulations...! Keep it up...! But my advise is not to go for single side entry...! More than earning , we should not loose the capital...! That is the basic thing...! Personally I too got a big returns on Apr 7800 Call...with a pin point entry yesterday at 7425 zone and made exit today ..! 
These entries are not for public...! Let us stick to our basics....! That is more than sufficient..!

Will catch you soon...!

Have a nice day..!

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  1. Thanks For The Info....

    Om Siva Siva Om...

  2. Thanks Rishi sir for your upadates...

  3. Dear Sir, It's really a interesting entry...waiting for the great exit!!!

  4. Really surprise move, both side 100 points swing. Landing gear released. . Haha

  5. Dear Sir,

    Again closed above magic number 7485...!

  6. Dear Guruji!, It gives thrill to see the closing of 11th STM combo.... Hope for the best and always seeking HIS blessings...