Monday, 21 March 2016

Nifty's trend 21st March,2016..!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Indicator signals are still intact with the green signal of 7675...!

Remember our earlier message when NIFTY was 7530 range ...on 14th March...!
I was talking about 7635+.....! Now, Nifty has almost reached the range ....!


Once 7635 is crossed - be cautious & there could be a swift reversal towards 7300 once again, if 7675 is not withstanding ..!


Caution : All the Technical indicators are giving Green signal -  a clear positive trend ...!

Every body is talking about positive upbeat...& the reversal happens exactly at this stage mostly...!

So, there are bright chances of  our indicators earlier signal of 7675 - 7240 - 7885 ...!

As of now the signal is aligned to a short range of 7555 - 7675..!
Medium range indicates 7400 - 7885...!


There is nothing to worry on 11th Entry - Exit...! I am keeping it undisturbed , as I am confident on the signals received...! Yes, if 7635 is not withstanding , I may go for CALL side exit..., if the signals warrant a clear correction upto 7550...! Otherwise , Letting it go towards 7700 range...!

Just be alert, if you are holding any position..!


Message to investor group friends :

For the last 2/3 weeks - one of my close relatives,  has been treated in hospital for an emergency... I was visiting on / off frequently & the last 4 days had been there...! He just got discharged yesterday evening only...!

Though , I was able to manage the work - not able to respond many mails in time....! Sorry for that..! 

All requests / pending transfers of Suraksha and DHEEPAM / transfer entries to STM will be done by Wednesday 23rd March...!

DHEEPAM 14th batch remittance starts from 23rd March this time...!
Please bear the delay &  Thanks for your understanding ...!


I am sticking to the STM rules of Freezing the buying till 31st March , 2016 only...! 


Have a nice day ...!

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  9. Rishi,
    It looks like nifty consolidates around 7500. In the afternoon trade, do you see Nifty's forward movement will get affected by UK markets? Most of the downtrends start when UK market opens..!