Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Nifty's trend - 2nd Mar,2016

Dear Friends, Good morning

Well, yesterday was a cracker day & Nifty has managed to release most of the pressure & was trying to hit our Base level of 7240...!

I have been telling this level of 7240 for quiet some time & If we see the closing above 7240 , which will lead to 7485 and 7600 level very quickly..!

Yesterday, the high was touched at 7235 , managed to close just below the resistance level at 7222...!

But, based on the yesterday's structure - It shows all the possibility of crossing 7325 and trying towards 7485 zone...! If we see the closing above 7485 , that will act as a long time support & will be the level to crack ...!

But as of now, NIFTY is still wobbling around 7240 ...!
The structure is still showing the range of 6820 to 7700 level.. for a long term...!

For the day , it is showing 7240 - 7325 - 7420

Based on the global sentiments, (NASDAQ was plus 2.5% ), we are likely to have a flyer in the opening session & the positive trend is likely to be continued for the day...! It may not be same like yesterday's uni-direction, volatililty will be there , as VIX shows some hotspot...! 

So, we are going to have one more interesting session today..! Wait and watch...!


Might have amused, why I  did not close 9th Entry yesterday itself...? 
While opening itself, you will come to know, what was that strategy..!

I am going to exit at appropriate time, in the opening hours...! If you too took position, you can be prepared....!

Wish you all the best & Have a nice day...!

With kind regards,



  1. Good morning sir
    Waiting to see the magic

  2. Rishi Anna,

    As u have mentioned yesterday Jackpot call alluthu!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Good move sir let's keep winning with his blessing..வாழ்க வளமுடன்..

  4. Now nifty hovers around 7325. Looking for flier towards 7400 :)

    Rishi title should be 2nd march

  5. Wow! Rishi.. Hats off.. Praying the DIVINE to continue the blessings...

  6. Dear Sir,
    Its really a Enchanting March...Beginning of the month itself hitting with a Jackpot call...All With his blessings and your smart move. Understood why you not closed yesterday itself from today's opening....Sometimes waiting patiently yields good results...Waiting for your Exit card!!!!