Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nifty's trend (3rd March,2016) - ஓம் சிவ சிவ ஓம்

Dear Friends, Good morning  

As expected, all sort of drama is happening in NIFTY's movment - From No man's land suddenly jumped into the crowd....! A massive 600 points movements in just 3 sessions...!

When it breaks 7040 this time, I have been indicating that some amusing drama is awaited. I have hinted personally, to some of the friends...! All are hugely benefited...!

It happened with a big gap up opening , a non-stop upward movement for 2 sessions and for today also...!

All the way, NIFTY gearing up into the zone of 7485 , which will act as a long time support / resistance...!  Let us wait and watch whether the PIVOT shift is happening from 7240 to 7485 ...!

If we managed to close the session above 7485 , mind it we are reaching towards 7600...!

For the last 5 to 6 times, NIFTY enters into the zone & miserable failed to hold it...!
Once this zone is crossed comfortably, we can expect the next stage upto 8000 level...!
If it failed this time also, it can drag all the way down upto 6830-6620 zone...!

I am getting the clear signals from the indicators that this MARCH series is all set for a huge swing...! It is going to be a cracker series....! Let's hope for the best...!


NIFTY is set for the range of 7370 - 7435 - 7485 for the day..!
As long as 7240 is intact, positive trend is continued...!
If 7115 is broken - it will come back , only after hitting 6620 this time...!

STM Updte...!

I am not going to take positions today , as signals are not so favourable for the double side trading....! Let it get cooled off...!
As I have said earlier, selling requests / buying requests can be sent @ 
Rs. 15,000/- as the base price, if you are willing....!

As of now, Buying & selling is in the ratio of 40 : 60 ...! 
Still there are 267 units available, out of 615.....! 348 are reserved , waiting for my confirmation , to transfer.....! 

Here is the confirmation...! Whoever sent mail till today morning, can do the remittance...! Please ensure , you get the acknowledgement..! 
If you are requesting new, please wait for my confirmation, to check on the availability...! don't know, whether there can be any chances of Qty available in big numbers, after this week...! may be in single digit or may go upto 100 max..! I don't know..!  Please do not get disappointed, it will be on first cum first serve basis only..!

To avoid any accounting confusion, I am thinking to avoid any fresh buying also after few days...! It will be only selling..selling ...till the liquidation of your full Qtys...! Let's see, after freezing other accounting activities & ID allocation to members of other schemes...!

Whether the invested amount is going for 10 times / 20 times by the year end - it can be nothing less than 3 times.... I am very much sure on that part...! If any of you find any other investemnt better than this much returns, please share us your thoughts...! Not joking, I am seriously asking...!
Other than politics, smuggling, movies... field please...!

Till Shivrathiri - no trading...! but no relax also...!  Accounting and settlement..!
STM position transfers...! 

Most likely, I may go to my native place & for Shivrathri day prayers at Kula deivam temple ...! Yes, power house battery recharging...! By chance, struck up for any reasons, will be going for Girivalam at Annamalai...! 

Request all of you too, to make this year Shivrathri opportunity , to empower you on health and wealth, with peaceful mind...! Pray for our group's success also..!

My best wishes to all of you to have a divine & Extra Terrestrial - Maha getting all blessings from your forefathers at your Kula deivam temple....! If you get a chance, don't miss this year opportunity to make your presence at your Kula deivam temple..! Knowingly, we should not break the tradition of worshipping family deity - on this auspicious day...! It is our duty to make the importance of this day to our children..!
It is the most powerful day...! Just try once, you will remember the feelings & sense of satisfaction throughout the whole year...!

With kind regards,



  1. Sir.. Thanks for sharing the important's of Sivarathiri...Jai Shree Ram.. Hara Hara Magadeva...

  2. Yes Rishi. We are regularly visiting our kula theivam temple. This time as well going on Saturday and spend 4 days there.
    Seeking blessings from HIM for everybody

  3. Thanks for your generosity support always and time to time updates for all activities !!!!

  4. I never spent time at Kula Deivam temple ever on MahaSivarathiri, I will start from this year with family as per your guidance and wishes sir...Thanks sir

  5. Respected sir,

    Thank you for your message and importance of Kula Deivam temple.
    with kind regards,

  6. Kula Deivam thaan ellorin venduthalkalaiyum istadeivamidam irundhu petru vandhu serkum. Aandavan ella selvamum koduthu piraviyilla peerinbam pera arul puriyattum. Rishi sir nandrikal kodi, thakka samayathil ninaivutiyathirkku.

  7. Thank you sir .Now only know that praying at kuladeivam on Mahasivarathiri is importent .I have planned to go on Mahasivarathiri to my Kuladeivam and pray for you and family and our success .

  8. Nice to hearing your voice again with your great spiritual guidance! Thanks Rishi Ji...

  9. வணக்கம் ரிஷி சார், உங்களோட வணிக பதிவுகளை படிப்பதை காட்டிலும் , உங்களோட ஆன்மிக பதிவுகள் படிக்கும் போது என் மனசும் உடம்பும் மிதக்கும் , நெகிழும், பரவசமாகும்.... சிவராத்திரி பத்தி வணிக பதிப்புக்கு இடையே படிக்கும் போது மறுபடியும் உணர்தேன் அதை...