Tuesday, 29 March 2016

STM - 11th & 12th Exit - Report Card...!

Dear Friends,

I am giving below the report card of 11th & 12th Exit...!
It was a long waiting this time, but ended up on the positive note...!

I was thinking few moments, not to accelerate the speed - single side exit / re-entry - so that it will be bit convenient for the entries / top-up till 31st March,2016..... But, it is unfair to the one who have already invested....! Ofcourse, this time there was no plenty of chances....! 

Anyway, past is past...!

Just trying for a big hit in another 2 /3 sessions..!  Trying to maximise as much as possible ...!

If you are willing to get into  STM , now the unit price is Rs. 16,102/-

I am taking the 13th Entry position & this unit price is applicable entry / exit till we close 13th entry.

12th Report card - has been corrected w.r.t back up amount profit %
With kind regards,



  1. Great Demonstration of Patience and discipline in trading....Great Sir!!
    Let the success continue with his blessings!!...Jai Shree Ram..Hara Hara Magadeva....

  2. Yes its purely மந்திர வித்தை..
    அண்ணாமலையாரின் மந்திர வித்தை...!

    Yes its surely
    தந்திர வித்தை.....
    Rishi sir- ன் தந்திர வித்தை.....!

    Thank You So Much Rishi Sir...

  3. Thanks to you and the DIVINE...

  4. great sir... looking forward as you mention... thanks...