Tuesday, 29 March 2016

STM - 11th EXIT...!

 Dear Friends,  Good morning

On our 11th Position, We have entered at Rs. 178.00 & Came out with Rs. 125.00
Still left out with Rs. 53.00 + brokerage charges : 6.00 = 59.00 is our break even...!

I have just closed it now on Rs. 60.90 to 61.50 Range.....! Average done at Rs. 61.00...!
Just 2.00 rupees (or) no loss no profit...!

NIFTY Spot at 7605....!  (Time : 10.40 A.M. to 10.45 A.M)

Just thought of not to take risk being on single side....!


Keeping the APR 7600 PUT option -  as it is ... waiting for some time...!

Will keep you updated more details with report card...!

Just waiting for the trigger & going to enter 13th Position....! It will be for few minutes / few hours....! Just wait for a while...!


Monday, 21 March 2016

Exit done on 7600 Mar call option @ 125.00

Just closed the position on MAR 7600 CALL @ Rs. 125.00........

Will send you detail soon....


Friday, 11 March 2016

STM - 11th Entry - Opening report card...!

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

It was almost no clarity so far &  Finally I am getting a clue for our next entry....!

Moreover I was busy with the transfer pending activity, as tomorrow will be bank holiday..!
Almost completed & the balance will get finished today..!

Looks fairly good combo for one more helicopter shot this time....!
Let's hope for the best !

With kind regards,



  1. what an amazing brilliance ! forget about the profit.I would say safeguarding the capital is the most important thing and you have done it.My Hats Off To You Sir.You Have Reserved For It Sir.