Monday, 21 March 2016

STM - 12th Entry...!

Dear Friends,

I am utilising the Back up amount , to utilise it for a fresh position...!

Let us account it as 12th Entry...! I am entering it on APRIL 7600 PUT....!
Don't assume that - market is going for correction mode, as we have entered on PUT option for 12th entry...! Be informed - It is for NEXT month expiry...!

On our 11th Entry - I may close the CALL option , today - if it comes less than 87...! I am making this stop loss  & will increase the stop loss @ 10 to 12 % of day's high...!
As, it has touched 100 so far - I am keeping at 87...! Now it is at 94 - when we are entering APR 7600 PUT option @ 115...!

If it goes to 130 - I will make some where around 115 and so on...!  

& Wait for the PUT option - for a while (or) we can enter again CALL option at less price, sooner...!

Factors which lead for closing 
(1) Current month CALL option...!
(2) Though signals are giving positive - let it go as much as possible... with 10% stop loss..!
(3) Entering PUT option will lead to an equal balancing...!

(4) If I close the CALL option for any price, I may close APRIL 7600 PUT option also, based on the signals....!

Without, any panicking - it can be kept as it is...! There is nothing wrong..! I leave it to your choice if you are holding any positions...!

MARKET is - only 3 days trading for this week...! Thursday and Friday are holidays...!

Here we go for the 12th Entry of STM...!

With kind regards,



  1. confident move sir. very much interest into the 11th entry close and addition profit of 12th entry


  2. thank you Rishi. Looks like great move. Lets hope for the best.

  3. Excellant rishi sir with his blessing..Exit Safely.....

  4. Replies
    1. Still keeping the CALL side , not came out...! Looking for something closer to 120...!

    2. excellent sir you have done it for 125

  5. Excellant Rishi sir. Really amazing.