Tuesday, 29 March 2016

STM - 13th Entry....!

Dear Friends,

Yes, got the signal clear & taken the position for our STM 13th Entry....!
NIFTY MAR Future was at 7628 , when I have entered...!

Please find given below the report card.....!

With kind regards.



  1. Superb...sir...

    Om Siva Siva Om......

  2. super sir, all are amazing , its his blessings only, OM NAMASIVAYA

  3. Dear Sir, Market once again proved that it is a big giant blind elephant, when we were waiting for the Zig-Zag pulse and expecting a wonderful march series but nicely it shifted it's pivot to 7635. Even then with your magic stick and with his blessings both 11th and 12th entry ended in a positive note.

    In this 13th entry interestingly we have March Put which will expire in 2 days, thrilled to wait and watch the game.

    One point I have noted here is, usually for all entries the difference between Call and Put was Minimum 200 point ( 2 times) to maximum 400 Point ( 2 Times) ( max. on 7th Entry 700 Point) and Most of the time it was 300 point range ( 5 Times) . but for this entry it is only 100 points for the Second time ( 8th entry also 100 Point Difference)

    How these rages have chosen? Is there any specific reason or based on the Signal this is chosen?

    Thank You Sir,

    With warm regards

    Velmurugan , Chennai

    1. Thank you Sir!!! This is a Live and Good time to learn the tricky parts of disciplined trading.

  4. Rishi Anna, As per my technical indicators Resistance-7865 and support-7465,let me see if iam learning something from your STM lessons.Regards,Raghu

  5. Dear Rishi,
    I am not able to view the image of the report card.


  6. Dear Rishi Ji,
    13th Entry rock...

  7. Rishi Sir this is the clear helicopter shot... Hope that you already exited STM 13...All his blessing.