Wednesday, 30 March 2016

STM 13th - Exit : Report card....!

Dear Friends, 

Who says, 13 is an unlucky number...?  Just closed the 13th position of STM....within a day - a massive 7% profit..!

Well, it was just in line with our expectation...! The signal was positive - Future signal upto 7725...! As it was on the verge of expiry , expected Spot also- almost similar to that....!

So, confidently went for CALL side...! Back up was current month 7600 PUT...! 
Mentally prepared for it would go for a throw away prices...!
On a first look - it may look like a foolish decision...!

But,  even in adverse direction movement - 7600 PUT itself , would fetch us a huge profit..!

As I was so sure on a positive direction  - I went for MARCH month put itself as back up...!  A bit of dilemma would have been next month PUT as back up..!

If we selected 7700 CALL current month and next month put as back up - things would have been easier. But any adverse direction happens, would make us nervous...!

Hope, now you can understand why this combo was selected, with very narrow gap.
I am happy that there are some interesting observations being made... thought of clarifying it...!

So, Yes, a bit of aggressiveness - to compensate on the two weeks idle period...!

If we can keep patience (or) can able to sustain high tension , we can even earn more on this combo...! But, I am a weak hearted guy & feel this is enough & happily made exit...!

When I am finishing this post, the combo is still showing 176 to 180 range...! Vow..!


So one more fluke Call.....!  

More than technical competency, It's HIS blessings..! All the credit goes to HIM...! Let us continue our sincere prayers and let HIM take care of everything...!

“ Vision without action is Day Dream.

Action without vision is Nightmare.

Vision + Action = Progress.”

- Bill Gates

With kind regards,



  1. Dear Rishi.. excellent boss..HIS blessings are always there.

  2. Marvellous Rishi sir!!! Thank you so much.

  3. Dear Rishi Sir please correct report card as of 30/3/16 and 13 the Exit its showing 10 the exit as 10 the march.

  4. thanks thanks thanks a lot sir

    a great combo and a great man and great winning

  5. Thank u very much sir.
    Om annamalaye porty Om.

  6. The First line ..i had it in my mind as well...Number 13 no-more unlucky...with his blessing and your expertise we will be always Lucky!!!
    Jai Shree Ram...Hara Hara Magadeva...

  7. Kudos for the right decision!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Superbbbbbbbb.... sir....

    Om Siva Siva Om.....

  9. Congratulations Ji!,
    It is not a fluke but perfect attack as Arjuna aimed on dow also for everytime. May He shower all His blessings on you ji.

  10. A perfect shot.. Thanks to you and the DIVINE...

  11. Respected sir,

    Test comments


  12. Dear Sir, It was nice explanation in this thread for the narrow range and the strategy how this combo was selected. I am following all threads and watching and learning the steps of Giant elephat!!!