Tuesday, 1 March 2016

STM - 9th Entry...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

We are making the 9th Entry - after thorough analysis into the following combo...!

I am watching this counter - very keenly for the last few sessions....& I felt this is the right time to enter now....!

The combo is available for Rs. 180 Now   ( 94 + 86 ) - which was traded at 192 ( 81 + 111) yesterday when NIFTY was at 7076 exactly...!

The closing was done at 212.....( 63 + 149 ) ...! Though we could have entered yesterday & could have booked profit also, somehow I felt it was a trap & it shows the result today.. an approx 25% cheaper for this combo today from yesterday's closing...!


Before I make any decision - It is thoroughly watched and analysed for all sort of swings...! You must have this habit...! No need for any hasty move....! Market will always be there...! We need to keep our capital safely...!

Whoever want to make use of this , can go for it...! Even if the premium reduces, don't get panic - We have a full month series with us & have patience...!  It will be a jackpot combo..... But no need to wait, once we reach a decent target...!

With kind regards,



  1. Dear Rishi,
    change 7400 april call in report card.

  2. sir i think small mistake nifty7400mar call/nifty april ce7400

  3. Mr. Rishi

    7400 CALL is MAR or APR because MAR CALL today's highest only 48.20 but your price shows that 92

    T. Lakshmanan

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  5. Rishi sir i think we are in the edge of exit might be you did already..