Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Update on 5Y33K batch...!

Dear Friends,

Our positions of 5Y33K batch got closed today....!

I am adding 10% profit to all the batch members with today's input date....!

You can add  - 02nd Mar,2016 as input date....!

Let us try , whether we can give one more attempt in this month...!

Our previous input date was on 11th Feb,2016 earlier...! ( For your records purpose please....)

As I said earlier, I am not publishing the entire dates list, intentionally...!


For any clarifications, you can contact me thru' mail.

With kind regards,



  1. Thank you very much sir.

    M venugopal Mumbai 400088.

  2. Thanks you so much Sir, with HIS blessings you are making wonders for us. Keep going!!

  3. We are watching the game 5Y33K and STM like the story of race between Rabbit and tortoise.. Here both are winner!!!!!

  4. Thank you very much Rishi for the update.

  5. Rishi Anna,உற்றநோய் நீக்கி உறாஅமை முற்காக்கும்
    பெற்றியார்ப் பேணிக் கொளல்
    Meaning:வந்துள்ள துன்பத்தை நீக்கி, இனித் துன்பம் வராதபடி முன்னதாகவே காக்கவல்ல தன்மையுடையவரைப் போற்றி நட்புக் கொள்ள வேண்டும்.
    I Think we have done the above!!!!Regards,Raghu

  6. Sir

    what about suraksha and deepham?

  7. Thank you so much....sir

    All Is Annamalayar Blessing...

  8. Respected sir,

    Thank you sir, It is too late to comment on this subject. But I have given comment on this subject immediately after author message. I do not know why comments are not published in this blog.

    with kind regards,

  9. Thank you very much. Arunachaleswar is always with us!!!

  10. Wow. Super. There is no word to express this kind of progresd each and every month. Thanks Rishi.