Monday, 11 April 2016

Message for our group members

Dear Friends, Good morning

I don't know whether it was too much of physical stress for the last one month or so - struck up with high fever for the last 4 / 5 days....   As fever has come after many years / because of summer impact - it was terrible....!  Today feeling better....! A speedy recovery...! Thank you each one of for your mails with wishes on speedy recovery...! I am 100 times better for the day...!  Hopefully by today / tomorrow, I will be back into action fully...!

As the situation was not better to attend calls , I switched off the mobile also...! The mobile no. which you are having is my official mobile... there will be frequent calls during office hours..... I would like to share my alternate number - personal mobile--- will communicate thru' mail individually to our group members...! 
You may please replace the existing contact no. with the new one, for contacting, in the future...! I prefer to receive the calls, after market hours unless it is emergency...!
I am using this phone for market watching / analysis purpose mainly...!

Also, in this 4/5 days rest, made to me decide on some things... One is reducing the batch members, to some extent...!
If anybody is willing to withdraw voluntarily by April end, you are welcome....! Otherwise, it will be from my side - for some selective members considering various criteria....! No need to have dejected feelings. Those members will be given few more chances , may be after one year at appropriate period...!
Just for an idea : By reducing approx 70 to 80 members  - the total size of the capital will not have an impact of even 1%...!  This is just for operational comfort , till we set right the whole structure...!
I am not going to wipe of every one in this category..... this will be on case to case basis. ...... Our batch is mainly for the small investors , I  too agree.... but there are some more criteria ....which I feel, it is logical to apply , for the benefit of other batch members....!

I will inform you individually in detail.... 

Thank you once again for your wishes...! Will catch you soon...!

With kind regards,



  1. Hi Rishi sir,
    Praying to God as soon as you will be recovered from fever and stress.
    Take rest first rishi.

  2. Rishi Anna, Today support @ 7510 Resistance @ 7710.
    Also i think nobody will be willing to withdraw so you can reduce the plans into only two (5y33k & monthly ) so that you will also have somewhat less workload.

  3. Take care your health sir and wish for your recovery..

  4. With his blessing you will recover fast sir!!..Take care !!

  5. Rishi Sir take care your health. Take pleanty of liquids. Its really stress full job to handle more members old members might have felt the impact sorry to say but we miss Dheepam settlements date from last two or three months. As some members suggested only 5Y33K and Dheepam scheme is enough. We know how much mental pressure stress full job you are doing. So please take care your health and as you wish to reduce the members do it. One again take care your health.வாழ்க வளமுடன்...

  6. Take care sir..... get well soon....

  7. Respected sir,

    Sorry to hear the news that you are not well. By reading this message only I came to know that you have suffered from high fever. After 15th entry card, I sent some of the comments, but it was not published in the website. Then I want to write to you thro' mail. But due to Account closing work in the office I could not find time to write you. I am praying the Almighty to recover from sufferings.

    with kind regards,

  8. Happy morning Sir!!! It's nice to know you are recovering from illness with his blessings. Our prayers are there always to you and your family. We request you to kindly take some more rest at least for this week, Not to strain much in this hot sun. We are well ahead in STM 1% return so it's time to take rest.

    Thank you

    Velmurugan, Chennai

  9. Dear Sir
    Thangalin udal nalamadya iraivanai prarthikkum ungalin nalam virumbi.

    M venugopal Mumbai 400088.

  10. what to say i dont know, we all(in behalf of you) under HIS/HER SHELTER. All by Gods grace n way.Tnx lot always to you n family.

  11. we are very sorry sir,we were unaware of your illness.we wish you take some necessary action.please don't get too much strain.whichever may be your decision we will accept it.may god bless you and your family sir.thanks and regards.

  12. Welcome back sir take care of you , i have an idea for reduce group size by fixing max lots by one person , for eg. One person max 10 units உங்களுக்குத் தெரியாத சட்டம் ஒன்றுமில்லை அதில் எது சிறந்த சட்டமோ ....ஓவரா ஜர்க் ஆகுது நீங்களே முடிவு பண்ணுங்க சார்

  13. Aum sir
    I am also feel as you taking more stains in updating every day more than market analysis and other according works

    Nothing to worry to update weekly or monthly as other batch, it will give some time to relaxing your self ( just intimate the chance in unit value on that day is enough to us)

    Thiruannamalaiyar is always with us
    We pray for your fast recovery

    If you need take rest few more days sir

    Thank you sir

  14. Vanakkam Rishi Sir
    Good to know that your health is getting improved...I have a suggestion. Group Praying (Koottu Prarthanai) at a same time simultaneously towards a cause, have more power than any other medicine. Whenever any of our team members are not well or in a bad time, we'll arrange for a group prayer. I agree that we can't meet in a common place. But atleast we'll declare a specific time to pray at their own places towards the recovery / wellness. This group prarthanai's good effect from various places (even from all over world) will reach the specific person.
    - Saravanan

  15. Respected sir,

    Sorry to hear you that you have suffered from high Fever. How r u now? Take care of your health. I am praying God for the speedy recovery of your health.

    with kind regards,


  16. Our Prayers with you for your speedy recovery. Sir please take care of health.

  17. Take care of your health Sir.
    May be this is just a compulsory rest given by God since you overworked for all of us and neglected your own well-being.

  18. Dear Rishi Sir
    A small suggestion. All member in our group may have some commitments with the amount given by you. If it get stopped to 70-80 members they may get disappointed. Hence kindly reconsider you plan of cancelling the 80 members. This is only my suggestion.

  19. how are you sir all of us praying for your recovery and better relief,