Monday, 18 April 2016

Nifty's trend (18th April,2016)

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As per my technical indicators , the base of 7635 is so rigid.... & and it is likely to get a shift at 7777....! It is not extremely clear... but seems to be 50:50 chances...!

If 7777 is not formed , there are chances for NIFTY to come back to once again at 7635 level....!
If this week closing happens above 7920+ , assume that the shift is comfortably made towards 7777 & NIFTY has all the chances for crossing 8277 in the coming weeks...!

If, heavy sell off  happens & profit booking made 7900-7850 level, then there could be swift sliding towards 7777 to 7635 zone...!

So, for the moment our short term indicators show us the level of 7777 - 7954 zone...! Our medium term is aligned between 7635 - 8150 zone...!

In overall, trend is changing from bullish to neutral and there could be a minor consolidation, before making the decisive move......! 7800 to 7885 acts as an important level, to watch out for bullish / bearish...!  

If you are holding the positions, you can align them accordingly....!

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  7. Rishi Anna, Today support @ 7800 Resistance @ 8015. Regards,Raghu