Monday, 25 April 2016

Nifty's trend 25th April,2016 & Other Info.

Dear Friends, Good morning

Wish you all a very happy week beginning ...!

We have the expiry in this week for April Series...! So, tricky move is guaranteed....! As I used to say, this week is for brave hearted people..!

Technically our base is shifted from 7635 to 7777 ....! So, for a while, NIFTY is set for a 400 points move on either side , taking a base of 7777 level...!

For a short term , the range is aligned between 7840 to 7975 ....! As I said earlier, if we could able to find the Weekly closing above 7921 , we are going to witness 8300 level, in the coming weeks...!
7777 will be the crucial level to watch & if it is not broken, NIFTY is intact for the positive movement....!

My Indicators suggest a very mysterious movement  for a day, that can happen at any day by 10th MAY,2016...! Let us be prepared....! Strictly advised to have the double side holding...!


Amount transfer process is going on , but the total list including l5th batch of DHEEPAM number of transactions are more - Though it is completed for 70% already & It seems it can be completed by end of this week only (30th April,2016). It doesn't mean that every body will get only on Saturday...! I am transacting one by one...! Some of you will get today, some of you on tomorrow....! But the entire list will be completed on or before Saturday..!
It will be including all the previous pending Suraksha / Dheepam , if any...! The list is prepared and it is getting transferred time to time...! Just keep patience for a week... & Thanks for your understanding..!

My health condition almost normal, but for my younger son still going for check up -  skin rashes for not getting reduced for the last 3/4 weeks... In Vellore, heat is on peak - the highest in 108 years...! Doctors says it is a normal allergic and nothing to worry...! So, mentally, there is still some disturbance...! Managing with His blessings....! Its slightly expected in fact....!

In General, for everybody - there will be some disturbance from Last February to till August this year... because of MARS + SARTURN impact as both are staying together in Viruchigam...! It can be mental, health, monetary, relationship , business, work environment , or combination of any two or three .... depends on your birth horoscope , depends on lagna and rasi - it will differ, but some sort of unrest will be there, for every body....! 
Things whatever has to be completed just like that, will be dragging endlessly, without any reasons... !
Try to hold your patience till August...! Have faith on HIM , HE knows what we deserve.... just accept politely and hold HIS hand firmly.... that's enough...!

“If one knows to convert challenges into opportunities there will be no troubles in life.”
- Swami Sivananda

We have AKSHAYA Trithiyai on 9th May,2016...! Let this year bring us more prosperous...! I am getting few requests from regular members for any special batch...! 
Sorry friends, it is ruled out....! 
But, if required, we can increase the STM units & that can be sold off on a later date, based on your needs...!
Again that too , not for an endless period... last date can be upto Akshaya Trithiyai date... that is 09.05.2016...! So, if any of you are interested, you can buy at the prevailing prices of STM till 9th May,2016...! Which is currently at Rs.20,100/- per unit and likely to be changed if we made exit today by today evening....! If you are entering today , it will be @ Rs. 20,100/- unit , till further changes happen...!

You can mail me if you need any more details....!

Bye for now and will catch you soon...!

With kind regards,



  1. Hi Rishi Sir,
    Good Morning!!! Thanks for your information and Updates!!!

  2. Thanks For The Update Sir....

    Om Siva Siva Om....

  3. Rishi Anna & Friends, Pls visit for the health tips of babies and share it to as many as you can.Regards,Raghu.

  4. Dear Sir

    Good morning, thanks for the update Sir,

    M venugopal Mumbai 400088.

  5. Sir - One clarification. For closing the 16th series, it is mostly likely on PUT side. In that case, CALL side is likely to be less than 1.5.
    Since average brokerage charge would be 1.5 (Total brokerage is 6, there are 4 transactions - 2 BUY and 2 PUT), does it make sense not to sell
    the PUT side as we will be loosing the money.

    In case, it goes above only above 1.5 before expiry, we can sell it.

  6. It can be left , without selling. There will not be any impact...! But, if it closes above 8100 & and 8100 call option is left, there will be impact of STT charges.... that can be huge impact, atleast it should get closed above 8110 , to make it as no loss...! If it is get closed below, 8100 - it can be left without selling...!

  7. Thala, Happy to hear that you become normal. By his grace singam1 also become normal. Great.

  8. Dear sir..your son would be normal soon with his blessing..happy to hear your recovery..