Thursday, 28 April 2016

STM - 18th Entry ...!

Dear Friends,

I have once again entered with the same combo of previous 17th position.....This time, It is still with a cheaper rate .....!

Thought of keeping quiet, till I get clear signals, now it is appearing fairly better, before a trapping movement can happen.....!

But, from my indicators, it is not so convincing signal this time...! VIX suggests there could be further reduction in the premium...! If you are entering now, have a close watch on this combo...! 

There could be abrupt exit, from my side, if NIFTY comes to consolidation mode ...! So, need not to wait for my exit call.... If you earn a decent profit after entering, it will be better to exit safely / by end of the session .....!

With kind regards,



  1. Thanks For The Update Sir...

    Om Siva Siva Om

  2. Aum sir
    Thank you for your update

  3. Dear Guruji,
    Am little bit surprising that nobody posted comment or not published so far????
    Pray for His blessings.....

  4. Rishi Anna, Once again by fluke (As you will say this only) yesterday low 7777.30 after 7485 next point i think.Expecting the next point from your analysis(sorry fluke)