Monday, 9 May 2016

Akshaya Trithiyai......!

Dear Friends , Good morning

Wish you all a very happy Akshaya Trithiyai...!
My sincere prayer to the almighty to make this year be one of the most successful years for all of us !
In my previous mails, I have already explained a few important things on this powerful day...!
Try your maximum to get HIS blessings on this holy day.....!

Yesterday, after thorough analysis, I have decided to perform today's homam  at evening after 4.15 P.M.... , as this seems to be most optimum and vibrant timing on this powerful day....!

Those who can get a chance, make use of this period - to do your prayer at home / temple / perform special Pooja .... !
Whether you buy Silver / Gold or not , compulsorily ensure buying of  Raw rice  / SALT / Turmeric ( பச்சரிசி , மஞ்சள் , உப்பு ) & if possible - whoever can go to temple today , and since it is Monday -  can offer - CURD rice - as Prasadam to God and devotees , on this timing ...!

Sincerely request the Almighty , your long time desire - which you feel , you are deserved for that, but not happening somehow due to various factors .....! make this request on this day , You will find the miracle happen very soon....! My best wishes to all of you, who read this message - now - I am sure this will reach well in time , those who are needy...!


Well, I have hinted that there will be some pleasant surprise announcements...- after pending transfers....! I am working on that and let me finish.....! just be patience for a while...!

I also thought of just reminding you that today officially closing the entries for STM units...!
Surprisingly there was some massive entries... including new members....! Welcome you all...!
Also, there are some liquidation of units also happening.... so , it is not going to be a burden...!


Let me share also a happy news...! I was indicating that NIFTY is trying to pull back towards 7777-7850 in my previous mails ...& on a flash mode it happened today ...!
With my personal money - it was a jackpot for me on 8000 CALL , which I entered on Friday....  though it was a combo.... it is being a massive return..!

Considering it as a AT present...! I also somehow felt / as a AT special, thought of sharing it to few of you in my style , to very few of you .... just for a reason on this holy timing...! I personally have a feeling that it is a kind of  Sornadhanam...!

Well , On this A.T. day - I welcome few of you - whoever is able to see this message in time and may able to use this opportunity ..... ! Today - only for today - whoever wants to invest - can transfer amount to my account. It may be few hundreds / thousands / lacs - depends upon your convenience.

 &  this will be returned back to your account / account you specify in your mail...! Please ensure mail acknowledgment after transfer. Profit amount is 50% of your investment ----- it will be settled anytime by end of June...! ( maximum 48 days).
If you remit Rs. 10,000 for example - it will be settled as Rs. 15,000/-

Depending on the number of entries , settlement can be started from June 1st onwards...! The only condition is amount remittance should be made today..... !

Kindly avoid messages on later dates....! Avoid transfer requests...! Those who are not able to make use of this opportunity - need not to feel bad - just think that this is not meant for you & this is purely for a sentimental reason / not for any investment purpose...! Mail me for any details....!

OK... hope message is clear ! will see you tomorrow...!

Those, who have not received the Dheepam / Suraksha funds on Saturday , will get today...! Kindly send your mail acknowledgement on receipt, please...!

With kind regards,



  1. Rishi Anna ,Thanks for the valuble information and timing...Regards,Raghu

  2. Thank you so much Rishi sir for your updates and kind support always!!!

  3. Thanks for your information sir i am not able to invest this time. But i will pray for all OM NAMASIVAYA

  4. Thanks sir sure we can use this grt chance.

  5. Thank you for the detailed information Rishi Sir.

  6. Thanks For The info Sir....

    Om Siva Siva om....

  7. வணக்கம் ரிஷி சார், உங்களோட இந்த பதிவை பார்த்து படித்து பயனடைய போகும் பலருள் நானும் ஒருவன்... நல்ல சக்திவாய்ந்த அதிர்வுள்ள நேரம் சொன்னதுக்கு Thank You ... ஒரு request உங்களக்கு, அடுத்த வருஷம் உங்களோட ஹோமத்தில் கலந்துக்க வாய்ப்பை ஏற்படுத்தி கொடுங்கன்னு.... Saravanan, Bangalore

  8. hope 19th exit done near 220 ....

  9. Thanks Rishi but now only i saw our mail, May god bless you thanks for the valuble information.

  10. Aum sir
    Thank you for the special chance and happy to say we are lucky to see this special message on this special day

    Thank you sir

  11. Respected sir,

    Thank q very much for your message on AT and spcial time for pooja. Due to office woking hours and other incovenience, we may not able to perform the particular timings. Evening, after reaching home we will perform the pooja with desired material as told by you.

    with kind regards,