Friday, 6 May 2016

Nifty's trend 06th May,2016 & Other info.

Dear Friends, Good morning

Our Indicators are showing once again a bounce back towards 7850 this time....! I am not sure about this as FIIs movement is towards 7500 level...! Let us wait and watch whether it will be towards 7850 - 7980 level (or) 7635 - 7500 level...! In any case, we need not to worry on our combo....!  Just have a bit patience....!


I have just got the confirmation of our Pending transfers of Dheepam 15th batch and previous pending if any and Suraksha upto 6th - all have been finalised and the transfer process will get completed by today evening....! should be made within anking hours and trying to get credited in your account today itself...!

Sorry for the delay....! It should have been finished on Tuesday itself, a last hour emergency for a group member , which was un-avoidable , made me to alter the scheduled transactions...! Its over now ..! 

Please be informed that for Suraksha - 7th batch  - it is not yet started ... will get completed by be Wednesday ....! 


We have Akshaya Trithiyai on Monday (9th May,2016) .... Pray well on this powerful auspicious day. Last year, I performed Special homam - Aishwaryeshwarar & Lakshmi - Kuberar. On Sunday, to finalise for this year homam...! 

No donations please....! It is not going to be a grand manner. This is for my self satisfaction & this will be very simple and sincere manner & will be completed by early morning on Monday...! I will sincerely pray for all of you to bring this full year a lot of peace, health and wealth....!

For the next year - It will be open invitation for all of you & planning to perform at my native place...! Lets see...! There will be some pleasant surprise, for the next year, if things are going well with HIS grace...! I am sure , it will be ...!


Bye for now... ! After completing the transfers, there will be some pleasant surprise announcements....! Just wait for a while...! may be after A.T....!

With kind regards,



  1. Iam Waiting>>>>>>>>>>(suspense thaanga mudiyalae Anna),Regards,Raghu

  2. Thank you for your stupendous support and wishes....

  3. Hi Rishi Sir,

    Thanks lot for your information and updates ...

  4. Sir..thanks for praying to our whole group!!!..we,also pray for our prosperity!!
    Awaiting for the pleasant surprise!!
    Jai Shree Ram...Hara Hara Magadeva...

  5. Thanks For The Info Sir...

    Om Siva Siva Om...

  6. thanks for the update Dear Rishi

  7. Thank u very much sir
    We are waiting for your surptise gift

    Yours truly
    M venugopal Mumbai 400088.

  8. Thanks so much Rishi Sir, for all your efforts & prayers for our group members. Waiting for the new announcements!!

  9. More more surprise's...great sir. As Raghu wrote we are waiting.....

  10. Anna,
    Eagerly waiting for the surprises..... and thanks for praying for us. As you said that please make us to participate in next year homam.

  11. Thanks for the info.and
    What a great thinking sir...we are waiting...

  12. Thanks I'm waiting sir
    T. Muthu Murugan

  13. Thanks a lot for the update Sir.
    Waiting eagerly for the surprises.

  14. Respected sir,

    Thank you very much for your message on Nifty trend and other information. Kindly pray for all the members in AT homam.

    with kind regards,

  15. Eagerly waiting for the next year A.T... thank you so much.... and have a great week end....

  16. Respected sir,

    Thank you for your message on Nifty Trend and other information. Kindly pray for all our group members on the AT homam.

    with kind regards,


  17. God will always with hardworkers and talented persons....

  18. Akshya Trithi (AT) Wishes to All Group members!!!

    Sir, Tomorrow after the AT Homam...Hopefully you will inform the sweet surprise...

    And next year for sure we will come to your native place for the AT Prayers and celebration of our Success....

  19. Happy Mothers Day!!!

    All of us are in this world came by the living god " Mother". Always we are thankful to Amma for her Selfless caring of us. In return we should also take care of her selflessly.

  20. good morning sir
    happy A T... Praying for all members health and wealth.... waiting for .....////

  21. Hi Rishi sir,

    May your prosperity, success, health and happiness remain undiminished. Happy Akshaya Tritiya wishes to your family and our all group members!!!!!

  22. நன்றி நன்றி நன்றி

    நம்முடைய குருப் மெம்பர்களுக்காக தாங்கள் செய்த பிரார்த்தனைக்கு கோடானுகோடி நன்றிகள்.

    வேணுகோபால் மாரிமுத்து மும்பை 400088.