Tuesday, 24 May 2016

NIFTY's trend for the expiry ( MAY )

Dear Friends,  Good morning

For the entire MAY series, there was literally no movement in NIFTY .... !
This emphasises why it is wise & fortunate to settle with small margin and get away....!
I do not know how many traders have literally burnt their fingers , even though entered on both sides.... for this series ....! But big traders know and aware of these signals., the problem is for small traders..! 

I am still waiting for the trigger & I hope I can get some clues by today evening from the signals and can go for STM next entry..! 

So far, there is no clue above 7777 - 7850 range , whereas the downside is showing upto 7517-7485...! The mid term is aligned to 7485 to 7984, with the current trend...!

As we are nearing expiry, there can be big volatility...!  
It is better to wait and watch for safe trading ...!


I am processing DHEEPAM transfers from today onwards & will get completed by this Thursday / Friday....! Those who have already received, may send your acknowledgement please...!

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  1. Thanks For The Info....sir...

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  2. good morning sir
    It is range bound month and Black May, without expand knowledge we can lose our capital like this market.
    thanks for the info

  3. Thank you for your update sir


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    1. Great example Anna keep posting articles like this.Regards,Raghu

  5. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir.

  6. big player earning this mkt and small player burnt the fingers and smart players only watching.
    you know who is smart player.

  7. Thanks for your information sir.

    M venugopal .

  8. Thanks for your information sir.

    M venugopal Mumbai 400088.

  9. Sir
    Nifty 7927 is it trigger...

  10. Thanks rishi sir and thanks raghu sir