Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nifty's trend - May expiry...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Well, absolute silence for the entire MAY series.... though there was a flier yesterday  but for no use to any one...! 
Even a small kid can easily say that the movement was just a pre-meditated move based on expiry....! After sending out all the long holders and coming back to 7900+ within one session that too just a day before expiry - No one will dare to enter long side also...! Pure gimmicks...! 

Even after the yesterday's move - there was no use for double side holders...!

It happens like this sometimes  - We can't keep quiet after entering both CALL and PUT options on the same month & need to settle with small margin / re-align positions...! 

You might have understood by now - why I was so silent for most of the days in this series.......!


Now It is time for us to move ahead...! Also, we will come to know by tomorrow's weekly closing - whether NIFTY movement was a genuine one or just a dead cat bounce..!

During expiry closing hours - I am sure we can get some clues technically and we can go for our next STM entry...!

Let us wait and watch...!

Good news is that - for JUNE series - NIFTY is all set for a massive width - a range of more than 700 points.... but with " W " kind of zig zag volatility....!
 Let us get ready and make use of  most of the opportunities....!

Will get back to you after month expiry..!

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  1. Rishi Anna expecting IOVS article from you very soon.Regards,Raghu

  2. Good morning Rishi Sir. Thanks for the update.

  3. Thank you sir for the updates.

  4. Thank you do much rishi sir!!!always you are great!!!!

  5. YES BOSS. U R RIGHT & MY CONCEPT IS " BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT ". Thank you very much for valuable msg. n patience waiting. Awaiting ur shower move n divine grace/ shower.

  6. Thanks and regards sir.

    M venugopal Mumbai 400088.

  7. “Silence is a source of Great Strength.”
    ― Lao Tzu
    Even applies to stock market some times...

  8. Dear Rishi.. thanks for the update..