Thursday, 12 May 2016

STM - 20th Entry opening...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

For the last two days, NIFTY has literally surprised everyone, with big swing in up and down...! Also news based impact with global cues ... So nothing to worry...!

My Indicators are showing NIFTY is all set for a huge swing once again , as it has made a strong foundation in 7777-7850 zone...! The indication is clear that it has to break 8000 level , form the current zone...! But, keep in mind a simple fact : MARKET can surprise every body at any given moment..! No indicators will help us in that case...! So, no harm in going double side...! Well VIX needs some cooling off, but we have enough time before expiry...!
On other direction, incase NIFTY comes to 7700 zone, for any reasons... before expiry it will come back to 7830 within few minutes...! On the positive side, there are all possibilities towards 8017 & 8135 level...! 

In anyway, there can be a swing of 125 points from the current level...! Let us get prepared ....!


I have entered into the following combo , for our STM 20th entry...! Only with 40% amount....! some problem in uploading the report card... will update it later.... Let us hope for the best...! 

MAY CALL 8000 @ 56.50  & MAY PUT 7900 - 87.50
Entry position at NIFTY spot 7890 ...!
Total Combo rate : Rs. 144
Invested amount only 40%

Caution : Both are current month options.... VIX impact will reduce premium , so if you are entering, have a close watch on the premium movement....!


For AT batch - I have sent the mail acknowledgement ..... Plz revert back, if you have not received the confirmation mail from me....!

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    it is always good to go both side

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