Friday, 13 May 2016

STM - 20th Exit - Report Card....& 5Y33K batch update.....!

Dear Friends,

Once again it was a quick exit ...! I have closed the position of STM 20th Entry , when there was a sudden drop in the opening hours...! ( Yes, once again it was a fluke ...)

Report card is given below..!

As it was current month options of both PUT and CALL , did not want to take the risk & quietly made the exit with a decent profit...! 

I have also booked the 5Y33K - exit , with 10% profit on Today's input date....! Kindly update your records too...!

All credit goes to HIM....!


My Technical indicators are giving a very clear green signal & all the way it can break 8000 and push towards 8080 zone ....! Signals are showing the correction part is over and market is ready for a huge rally this time....!7850 to 7860 zone acts as a very important zone...! To be frank , with the way of FIIs trading trend, we are heading towards 8250 zone,,,,,!  Let us see , how quickly it can happen......!  The downfall seems to be a very temporary one and get ready for a thriller in the coming sessions...!

With kind regards,



  1. Superbbb ...sir....

    Om Siva Siva Om....

  2. Great Sir...another sixer!!..

  3. Thanking your precious unselfishness effort, & HIS/HER BLESSING SHOWER.

  4. Thank you very much for update Sir.

    M venugopal Mumbai.

  5. Rishi Sir its not helicopter shot its rocket shot...Thanks keep winning

  6. Thanks to you and the DIVINE...

  7. Thank you sir, upate noted on both STM and 5Y33K. Thank you once again sir.

  8. 20/20 கில்லி அடி சார்....:-)

  9. Such an express exit Sir.
    Thanks for the update :)

  10. Super Rishi. I am feeling high. Thanks.

  11. Adichu keppanga appavum sollunga 'fluke ' nu