Friday, 27 May 2016

STM - 21st Exit - Report Card...!

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

Just closed the positions of our STM's - 21st Entry....!
Though it can be worth to wait for a while, satisfied and settled with a small profit..!

( Actually, signals are indicating there could be a 60 points correction , which will make us to wait for 3/4 sessions again to come back to this level.... Why to take a risk on weekly closing....? )

Surprised with a 400 points movement in NIFTY within 3 days...?
Keep your cool....! There are much more on cards in the coming sessions....!

It may be hard to believe - my Signals are aligned to have a medium range of 7400 to 9200 ...! There is no any firm resistance above 8300... ! There could be a huge flier, if 8300 is held up....!

A massive 1800 points width is formed for the next 3 months pattern....! 

It is going to be a thriller once again & I am sure we can make use of most of the opportunities.....!

Let us pray the Almighty to keep shower on HIS blessings...!

With kind regards,



  1. Thank you very much sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai.400088.

  2. Better exit and forbthe current situation. Thanks

  3. Rishi Sir its again a quick exit..All his blessings as your indicators signal there will be a small correction then big move towards 9000...All the best.

  4. Great sir!!...Thanks for teaching us the patience!!...Entered at the right time...and exited at the first opportunity !!

  5. Your decesion is Always ANNAMALAIYAR BLESSINGS. Thanks lot for week end Exit.

  6. Good shot Sir,
    it is in cool mode....
    Thanks lot for Your effective action on STM

  7. Thanks to You and the DIVINE...

  8. Superbbbb....sir...

    Om Siva Siva Om....

  9. All things are him blessing