Thursday, 5 May 2016

Update on 19th Entry...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

For our 19th Entry combo - It was bought on  Rs. 207 for current month 7800 CALL + Next month 7500 PUT ...! 
CALL was bought at Rs. 104 to105.00 immediately , But could not bought the PUT option fully yesterday...! 

As our buying volume was high, it was not traded fully ... partially it was bought... Also when market was going down & I was reluctant to go above Rs.102.00 for next month PUT option...!

Today, it was bought for our full expected volume & I have managed to buy within the total average of Rs. 98 only...! So, there is a slight leverage of Rs. 4.00 for this combo. While deducting the commission and charges, I will consider this...! So, when we exit - It will be Rs 2.0 only, instead of Rs. 6.0 for charges deduction..!

We also, may have to wait a bit to clear the full volume on PUT side, as it may be a slow moving counter - if market goes on positive direction..! 
If market comes down, there won't be any issue...!

Have a nice day...!

With kind regards,



  1. Thanks & Regards sir.

    M venugopal Mumbai 400088.

  2. thank you for your information sir

  3. 7777 today high by fluke.Regards,Raghu

    1. Yes, Raghu! it's by fluke once again.... no doubt plz...!

    2. Anna ungala doubt panna mudiyuma naan nambiten but intha ragasiyam namakulayae irukatum.

  4. Thanks for update sir OM NAMASIVAYA

  5. Thanks for the Update Sir.

  6. Congrats ji, As you expected, nifty has broken 7000.

  7. Respected sir,

    As on today 9th May 2016, 7800 call is worked out strongly and gives enough profit. For Put 7500 for june series, we have to wait for some more time. thank q for your very good message on Nifty trend.

    with kind regards,

    Visvanathan N