Monday, 6 June 2016

Important info to our investor friends on SIP....!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Our Technical indicators are still showing the same range....! No big alignment...!
There could be a possibility of consolidation in this range, but nothing to worry for our Combo...!
Even if there is sudden fall, as we have current month PUT options.... that will jump quickly and premium reduction will be compensated....! Otherwise, NIFTY is set for a strong move..... At this juncture, if it is on positive direction we can come out quickly ... if it is negative , we have to wait for a while.....!

So we are holding 22nd positions untouched...!


For the Pending remittance, on Friday and Saturday - transfers have been made and completed to most of you...! Those who have received may send in the acknowledgement please...! 

Those who have not received - will be received by today / tomorrow........ 
For the bigger amounts , I am clearing this time thru cheques due to limit issue......! In any case it should be received at your account by 8th June, positively...!


Important Announcement on SIP : 

As majority of our friends are willing / suggesting to withdraw SIP scheme and converting into STM.... I am considering to settle all the SIP accounts by July end.....! The amount will be transferred to your account, after discussing and receiving the confirmation from you....! It can be withdrawn fully or can be transferred to DHEEPAM scheme., if you want...!

However , those who are willing to go for investment scheme similar to SIP scheme, I have simplified a simple scheme & its max duration is only one year...! If you are interested, you can write down to
for further details...! An interesting parameter is included for our direct - existing long time members for this shorter version of SIP...! Lets see, who are all making use of this offer...! This new SIP scheme will be operative after closure of existing SIP scheme... most likely from 1st August....!

Bye for now & will catch you all tomorrow / after STM 22nd exit / aligning ......!

With kind regards,



  1. Rishi Sir thanks for the update. Its going to be STM 22 exit tomorrow RBI will disappoint market more than that everybody waiting for Rajan will continue or not..So it will be down side exit...Al the best.

  2. Thank you Rishi sir for the updates. Tomorrow RBI policy announcement is there. Let us pray for the best.

  3. Thank you so much rishi sir for info and updates!!!

  4. Thanks for the info sir...

    Om siva siva om....

  5. Dear Sir,

    It is very good decision to close SIP and start a short term SIP. We are all interested to know the details.

    I am watching our 22 Combo which is trading at 220 +/- for more than last 3 sessions.....I was expecting today it will be get closed based on the news of RBI rate unchanged.

    My question is, in most of our combo's the combined price is always revolving with a constant price and suddenly that equilibrium is broken and we are coming out of that entry? what is really happening inside? I could see some pattern but with your help and explanation all could understand.

    Thanks for the important update.

    with warm regards

    Velmurugan, Chennai.

  6. Thanks for the information sir,

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.