Monday, 27 June 2016

Nifty's trend (27th June,2016) & 5Y33K update

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

So, Finally we have entered into the last week of June Series...!
Expiry is just after 3 sessions, there is a very sensitive play that is no where connected with Technicals......

We have the combo of July series for approx Rs. 200+  which is relatively costlier for a 300 points width for a current month series.... ( Yes, we have to take it as current month only, as it is just 3 days away..)

So, watching very closely to make exit - as quick as possible.....!


As per the chart  - If Nifty fails to close the series above 8030 - the chances are for sever downfall in the coming months that can drag NIFTY once again below 7000 ...! 
So, There are plenty of opportunities for us on STM travel....!

Update on 5Y33K :

I have made the entry of 10% profit on 5Y33K scheme with today's date...!
90% closing was completed on Friday itself , but managed to close it completely today only. All are requested to update your records too....!


Well, finally got the clear signal from the Divine force - for our next big project ...! 
There will be announcement in our site / thru mails to selective friends....! Just keep patience for couple of days......! Why to make on Ashtami / Navami....?
July10 is going to be an important day for all of us... Just wait till then....!

Whoever is watching Tech analysis / tips  might be aware that - some of the major sites have been blocked , due to some violation on SEBI terms  / or whatever reasons...! So, we also have to be very careful...! Otherwise, whatever we do - so far - not that much problematic, as we are not recommending anything individually to buy / sell....

For some important announcements / views , I feel it is better to go for communication only...... Once we are ready with the big project, this problem won't be there....!


& The last 5 / 6 days had been very hectic & literally tun on toes.....
Now,  I am on the verge of completing a major task ... to be precise, will be relaxed completely from exactly 10th July onwards....! 

So, there was some delay - I should admit extra-ordinary - lapse in responding thru mails for the last 3 weeks.... Now, this problem won't be there....! 

Also, the transfers - whatever pending - which was not received by you till last Friday - are getting processed including Dheepam 17th amount .... you should get by today / tomorrow.....!

Also the AT - 1 st batch amount are getting processed & it will be credited to you today / tomorrow & latest by 29th June,2016.....!

Catch you all soon....!

With kind regards,



  1. thank you for your information sir

  2. Thank you Rishi Sir for updates and information!!!

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  4. Thanks for the update sir....

    Om siva siva om.....

  5. Thanks for the multiple updates Rishi Sir.

  6. Happy to hear that you will get good relax!!!....We know how difficult is trading especially looking after other works also!!
    Thanks for your continuous efforts to enrich all our lives!!
    Jai Shree ram..Hara Hara Magadeva....

  7. Dear Rishi Sir thanks for the update it is long wait for the divine green signal...I/we are waiting.. வாழ்க வளமுடன்..

  8. Thanks & Regards sir

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  9. Please have good relax Thala. He is with you. Glad to be part of your journey. Great to hear that he is accepted your next big move. All the best Thala.

  10. 1.... ASTROLOGY TIPS
    3.... TRADING TIPS
    5.... NEW YEAR BATCH 2015
    6.... 5Y33K
    7.... PONGAL BATCH 2015
    9.... DHEEPAM
    11... SURAKSHA
    12... S.T.M
    13... ?????????????? (Waiting for july 10)

    1. Missed to include IVC series articles:)

  11. Dear Rishi.. Thanks for the update..