Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nifty's trend (28th June,2016)

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Because of Expiry - the signals are leading to confusing move for the next couple of sessions....!

8111 & 8283 plays an important role on upper side  & 8030 - 7923 - 7777 acts as a key resistance level...!

There is a tremendous pressure on global markets due to BREXIT....! 
If 7777 is broken , by any chance - There will be a blood path.... towards 6920 once again....!

Just be patient on the Calmness & wait for the ..........

I would strongly advise to Equity share holders - to keep away for a while .... as this is not the right time to test your patience ......! Better think twice...& exit safely at appropriate time....! We may witness the similar movement nothing less than 2008 situation..! But need not to worry...! It will not be an immediate Or sudden collapse... ! So, you can decide and exit at appropriate time... may be NIFTY at the level of 8400-8500 can be a key factor...! Another 3 / 4 months trading sessions will give us a very clear indication...! 

Will catch you all soon after market hours.... as there could be a trigger in today / tomorrow's session..!

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