Friday, 24 June 2016

STM - 22nd Aligned Entry ----- July 8000 PUT option

Dear Friends,

As I have indicated in the morning hours, I have just entered on JULY 8000 PUT options & average made at Rs. 125.00 ....!

Only from the value , which I have closed the PUT 8100 Jun ---- which we made the exit at Rs. 160.00

( the overall 50% back up  amount is still un-touched....)

Entry price @ Nifty spot is 8070.....!


So, now we have the cushioning of Rs. 35.00 - including the service charges....

I will update you later with the report card.....!

Now the combo is almost 125 + 80 = 205......!

Which is almost equivalent to our entry price of Rs. 242 - minus today's gain....of 35...!

Now we need to aim for the profit + taxes...!

So, nothing to worry... Keep a cool head....!

Will catch you soon...!

with kind regards,



  1. Thanks for the update Sir.
    The combo has ended at 208 today.
    With one side exit profit of 35, it is 243 now. Crossed the actual combo of 242.

  2. Superbbbbb.......sir

    Om Siva Siva Om......

  3. Thank you sir. About today mkt conditions premium eat and sudden reduction bounce back. Great exit.

  4. Dear Rishi Ji,
    Thanks for updation and kindly inform below clarification
    i bought each one lot JUNE_8100PE >>> @ 102 and JULY_8300CE >>> 140 Total combo value is 142 on 30.05.2016 and i am keep on watching as on date and today sold JUNE_8100PE @ 164 and bought JULY_8000PE @ 150

    Q1.After Sold 8100PE its went up-to 200

    Q2.After bought 8000PE its go down up-to 117.20

    kindly suggest some input/information to where to buy/sell

    eagerly waiting your replay

    with kind regards,

  5. Rishi Sir.very good.It is well educative move.It shows your deep analysis about the market.

  6. Super exit sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  7. That's a very clever action of yours.

  8. Seems Saturn SANI Serkkai over for SOme days now ..Untill 10 july..Could expect some quick exit from this combo..All the best sir

  9. It was an fantastic exit and entry.
    Now Net profit of one side exit is 35-3=32
    Now revised Net price is 242-32= 210
    So this combo need to be closed above 216.
    Now it is at 208 Rs.

    Hopefully with his grace we can expect to close by Monday.

    Thank you for the update sir....

    We are eagerly waiting for your announcement for the new scheme.

  10. Good morning Sir,

    After the expiry now the combo is at 212 Rs. Hope today there possible exit of 22 entry.