Friday, 24 June 2016

STM - 22nd ---- Single side Exit from JUNE 8100 PUT...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Europe futures is already down by 7 to 8% - due to BREXIT impact...! So, finally there will be a cracker globally ....!  Keeping aside the news , technically NIFTY is not showing that much weakness below 7777 - So if 7777 is not broken with volumes, again there could be a pull back towards 8300 zone, provided rupee gains some strength against dollar.....!

I have just made the exit of JUN 8100 PE at Rs. 160.00.......!

It is a single side exit...! But looking to enter on PUT side again for JULY Expiry - JULY 8000 PE  ..... using the volatility , if possible to the same value in the range of Rs.150+....!

So, Exit made on 8100 JUNE - PUT   & looking for  JULY 8000 PUT very 

Let us hope for the best...!

Will keep you updated in detail soon...!




  1. Thanks for the update sir.....

    Om Siva Siva Om.....

  2. Very good move sir. I think probably with the kind of volatility, you may have to go for JULY 7900 PUT since 8000 PUT becomes In the Money (ITM).

  3. Thanks & Regards sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088

  4. Dear Rishi..thanks for the update

  5. Great exit on Put Rishi Sir. A massive 280 points down in the premarket opening itself... hope the call also is exited in good profit. Waiting eagerly...