Thursday, 14 July 2016

Few more announcement / changes - important message to our group members...!

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

Till 10th July, when we inaugurate the office at Ranipet - it was not known even to my local friends / neighbours that I have been into trading so actively ...! Till this moment, it is not informed to my office close friends also... as I have not officially relieved..!

Though, they knew  a  bit - but, not aware that it is on such a massive for the last 2 - 3 years...!

It was surprise to the guys who were helping me for office opening function..... & as we have made the office in just 2 days / nights - there was no clue to any one..... & the friends have no time to even discuss what is all about.

When they have seen our group , almost all from outstations - they got amused & now It is almost getting spread out , with just word of mouth publicity thru them...! 
There are some new customers / big fish too...! I feel a kind of reward for my strategy of perseverance with patience... ( !!! )

 As I am not interested for many members / funds ... ( We do not need them , It is they ,  need our help.... ) 

I have made a massive change now...!

Other than SIP 1617 , There will be only two schemes for the new members.....:

1) Monthly 2% minimum guarantee & yearly 25% is assured.  Additional whatever earned will be shared on 50:50 ratio.... This is for bigger clients. Will be operated thru client's accounts. Applicable for Bigger amounts & if customer wishes can be made from separate ID /account....!

2) Monthly returns Scheme (MRS) : Note this is not DHEEPAM : For the amount invested / handed over to me, there will be monthly returns for 7% only... till they withdraw capital....! 
Minimum locking period is for 1 year ..... In between if they withdraw - there will be no additional benefits on profit.
Suppose , if 1 lac is invested on MRS scheme - monthly Rs. 7,000/- will be remitted. Suppose, if he withdraws after 6 months... that is after receiving Rs. 42,000/- they will be eligible only for Rs. 58,000/- not ONE Lac rupees....!

I know - compare to our existing schemes - it is very less....! But I stick on to this only.....!

Our Existing group trading customers - need not to worry...! It is being continued as it is the committed % ....... If anyone asks , even for any curiosity - you need not to tell whether it is 10% or whatever... simply you tell it is 7% only.....!


Also, in future, if the funds to be received are going to be more... it will be reduced from 7% to 5% ..... or there can be no receipt also....!


But as I promised, and allowed from SIP / AT batch transfers to top up Dheepam, We are going to strictly avoid DHEEPAM top up for existing members from 19th batch....!

So, after 20th July - that is from 19th batch onwards - the monthly remittance & members - is going to be frozen and will be done thru Bank clearance on NEFT / RTGS mode.... will be done 20th of every month / next bank working day.  No net banking.... & not on holidays....!

So, from 16th 19th - if at all anything to be remitted afresh (or) Transfers from other scheme....can be made...! I do not want to confuse on DHEEPAM batch, for any reasons...! 

For any amount that is to be deposited / from our existing members also, after 20th July - it will be treated with 7% scheme under MRS scheme...! There is no restriction for entry date... It can be on any flexible date , that will be comfortable for me with different date structure for monthly transfers...!

Now you might have understood why I have indicated earlier that Dheepam is not opened forever...!

For new SIP scheme - we are starting from this month 25th July, as the cut off....!

I have already settled some accounts &  also willing to trim down some members , from our group.... not deciding on the amount invested small / big.... there are some other factors, which I can sense.... but that will be very few... not even 10 among the existing 140 direct contacts...! It will be discussed with you individually.... existing members who stay in good touch with me, need not to worry... these are very silent accounts , no communication ...nothing.... !

For STM withdrawal requests - Request withdrawal will be processed within 3 working days ..... it can be immediate sometimes , but please be prepared for 3 days ......! But I hope there wont be any issue for this , henceforth - as net banking daily limit can be utilised, for emergency. 

Message me for any clarity.....!

(Friends, if you are referring some one into our group as new member MRS scheme - inform me in advance..... there are some surprises....)

With kind regards,



  1. Thank you for the detailed update Rishi Sir:)

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    Om siva siva om....

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