Thursday, 14 July 2016

Good morning...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Till yesterday there was some hectic schedule for registration formalities and meeting with Auditor.
I am back into normal mode......!

Priority is being for Accounts verification and settling the pending remittances...!
Pending remittance of recent  will be completed today...!
The pending list is already known to me... just be relaxed is getting thru one by one today without fail...!

Accounts verification will get completed by this week end....!


Market is again on resilient mode & once again getting ready for a violent fluctuation....!
Let us be ready for that.....!


From Quora - gone thru Some pshychological facts - thought of sharing you....! 
I personally felt important, at this moment - when we are gearing up for the big moment....!
To maintain the tempo.... till we get the mission...!

Happy reading...!

What are some psychological facts that people don't know?

Not ‘effects’..Just some bizarre random psych facts that you may want to know…
1. If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to make them happen because you lose motivation, studies confirmed.
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There have been tests since as early as 1933 that prove that once intended goals are announced, people are less likely to follow through with them as they lose motivation. This is thought to happen because doing so satisfies a person’s self-identity just enough to prevent them performing the hard work to achieve those goals.(source)
According to studies, you’ll be happier spending your money on experiences rather than possessions.
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Happiness has become an increasingly popular field focused on the scientific study of emotional well-being. Research has suggested that people often sacrifice things that make them happy such as vacations or going out to certain events, in order to afford possessions (such as property).(source)
Fantasies reduce motivation
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We mostly motivate ourselves by fantasizing about the future. We have this idea that if we fantasize about the future, we will get motivated towards reaching our goals. Psychologists however have found that fantasizing about our success is bad for motivation. When you get the taste of goals coming true in the here and now, your drive to achieve it is reduced. It’s also hard to notice problems we could face in the future when fantasizing. A better way to achieve our goals would be through mental contrasting. With mental contrasting, one is forced to decide whether a goal is achievable or not. If it is, commit and if it’s not, let go.


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