Tuesday, 19 July 2016

NIFTY's trend & Message to our Group members...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

As we have indicated earlier , there is no big change in the NIFTY structure....! 8395 - 8485 - 8570 will be important levels to watch...! Overall, my indicators are still showing the range of 7777 to 8677 range...! My advise would be to book small , small profit on long side , but to maintain short position always...! For the day NIFTY is showing the range of 8447 to 8570 ...!


Accounts checking process is not at full pace.... But I am sure it will get completed in this Saturday / Sunday....
Thought of sending the pending dues - after checking it once for all.... but as it is getting delayed... there is no point in wasting time further ...just processing it all .....! Any difference in amount can be adjusted - after final verification in this week.....!


Today - we are freezing the entry for DHEEPAM 19th batch....! with our existing pay out structure -
I hope our Existing members are aware of it....! If at all any alignment / top up can be made by today closing hours....! Existing members in other scheme also can avail the benefit... !
After this officially, we are closing entries for DHEEPAM batch... no new members / no top up.
Till we complete the full series DHEEPAM 2020 , there won't be any alteration & Settlement date is frozen for 20th of Every month....!

After this, The ONE time investment will be treated in M R S scheme... ( Monthly Return Scheme ) 
Under 7% returns per month & minimum 1 year locking period....!
As, I mentioned whoever is introducing new members - please inform me in advance , as there are some big benefits....which I do not want you to miss....! My request is to refer to the needy  / deserving people... !

SIP which we are closing whoever has made all the 12 months .... are with 19 times of your monthly paid amount...! That is if you have paid Rs. 1,000/- now the amount being settled is 19,000/-
Accordingly you can calculate yours, and opt for withdrawal / transfers....!

As I said, already we have started this new batch enrolment & likely to freeze entries on 25thJuly ! You may please decide and send the request...! 
Those who may opt for the dates between 1 to 15th & still you have not made the first remittance -  if you are having any remittance for this month ..... that can be adjusted and sent . The next remittance will be considered as second due....!

The best strategy for SIP 1617 would be .....:
Suppose if you like to go for Rs. 5,000/- remittance...!
Make the first due in this month : Rs. 5,000 + Invest simultaneously Rs. 45,000/- in DHEEPAM.
Instead of withdrawing Dheepam profit - transfer it to monthly SIP...!
So, after one year - SIP amount will be Rs. 90,000/- for new members + own referral Rs. 10,000/- = Rs.1.0 Lac . Capital of  Rs. 45,000/- can be retained (or) withdrawn...!

OK, nothing to worry if it is missed on this day...! It can be thru MRS scheme...! Instead of 45,000 it will be Rs. 71,000 to 72,000 range - if it is invested between 20th to 25th....! Annual benefits will be Rs. 100,000 Plus Capital.

If it is after 25th - there wont be any SIP & you will have to wait for a year.....! 
Only MRS scheme will be available for Entries.... We may keep it opened till DUSSEHRA / at the max upto DIWALI....!

I hope, the information is clear and I request you to adhere to the time limit  & avoid any requests on lateral date....& freezing the activities plan till year 2020..!

Please mail me for any clarification  / Whatsapp ......

Thank you ...will catch you soon...!

With kind regards,



  1. Thank you very much Rishi sir !!! for your Kind information and updates!..

  2. Thanks for the informative update Rishi Sir.
    Do consider special batches for Diwali,new year, pongal etc, like last year :)

  3. Thanks for the update sir....

    Om siva siva om.....

  4. Aum sir

    Thank you for reply and detailed information

    Thiruannamalaiyare pottri pottri

  5. Thanks for your clear information sir, Om Nama Sivaya

  6. thanks for your information sir

  7. Dheepam + SIP is a good investment + Reinvestment combination and hassle free for monthly Payments on defined date.