Monday, 25 July 2016

SIP 1617 - Batch ......Commencement...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

As I have written earlier , From today we are starting the new SIP batch....! SIP 1617.....!
I am accounting today - New remittances / Transfer from other schemes...& will send you the SIP ID no... which shall be used for your next 11 remittances....!
For our group members, whoever requested transfer entry from other scheme & are being processed today. After accounting , I will send you the confirmation mail / balance settlement transfers...!

I personally feel this is a great scheme & will bring lot of satisfaction , at the time of 1 year settlement....! For certain reasons, I do not want to keep it opened for ever...! Those who miss the bus, can join in the next year .....!

So, from Tomorrow - only MRS scheme is opened for any freshers entry - for the time being...! 
I hope it will be available for few more weeks / upto Vijaya Dhasami .... If the fund flow is more than I expected, this may lead to close MRS also ......! Likely will be the case, as Local investments are getting increased.....!

I repeatedly requesting, while you refer to any of your well wishers , just be double sure whether they do deserve truly...! To make rich into richer is not we wanted...!  Let this be a real help to a needy one....! There is no restriction if you are referring to well to do members , if they are really good...! I leave it to you...!

( When you are referring someone into MRS  - please inform me , as there are some benefits to the one who refers....)

If you have any clarifications, please revert back...!


STM - 24th Entry - I am keeping as it is , without any alignment...! Let us hope for the best.....!

With kind regards,


“One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that some one is happy because of you.”
- Mother Teresa


  1. Rishi Anna, Thanks for the information.

  2. Thanks for the update sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  3. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir.
    Excited to be a part of the new SIP journey :)

  4. Thanks for the update sir....

    Om siva siva om....

  5. Thank You For Your Information Sir

  6. thank you sir
    wishes for new sip. and it is 24 entry.

  7. STM - 23rd Entry - I am keeping as it is , without any alignment...! Let us hope for the best.....!. (Small correction 24th Entry)

  8. Best wishes to this SIP 1617 and the Investors.

  9. Thanks for update sir ஓம் நமசிவாய

  10. Rishi Anna,Tommorow as per my idea gap up seen is it correct...Regards,Raghu

  11. The best example for the quotation of Mother Teresa is YOU. You are the right person Sir. Many people are happy because of You. Thankyou sir.

    Ramprakaash, Tenkasi.

  12. Thank u for the information....

  13. Vanakkam Rishi Sir... All the very best for the new plan SIP 2016-2017. Being this is the first scheme after opening of our company, this SIP is much special & it will set a good beginning. As per your article in Living Extra, Oor kuudi thaer illuppom ... Saravanan, bangalore.