Friday, 1 July 2016

STM - 22nd -Single side Exit..! New SIP - FAQs

Dear Friends,  Good morning

I have just made the exit of 8300 JULY CALL @ Rs. 172.00 
Made the single side exit....! & Waiting for the other side exit at appropriate time..... most likely today.... (or) Again entering on CALL option , if required at cheaper price than exit....

Currently the PUT side is also in the range of 40 rupees.... which is more than our break even.... but still , I am expecting a bit more.... let's see...

Will keep you updated the alignment (or) with the report card , if full positions gets closed......!


After reading the previous post : There are some common doubts for many of you , which I feel , it is better to clarify....:

1) All the batches are getting closed other than STM..?

No. Only SIP  is getting closed. For other schemes - I am declaring the balance amount now , from which you can decide - to continue or withdraw. All the other schemes are being continued. It will be managed thru same portal as long as there is no issue. After some time, it will be thru my Pvt ltd portal , so that there won't be any issue legally in the future.

2) For New SIP - Referral incentive is not applicable ( if a member is already in our group / remittance is already done to their accounts - though they were referred by you and joined with us.)
If all the remittances are routed thru you only / they do not even know about our site / communication  - then absolutely no problem for me. you are eligible for referral incentive in this case.

There is no restriction for number of member entries  / Amount . It is upto you.
I know some of you can handle more than 100 members - if you try to reach your contacts.... but request is to reach for some needy people than well to-do families. Yes, if you are capable to bring 100 +, assure you that your annual income is added with 10 Lacs.... Sounds huge..?

Also, there are many requests for date, as they feel inconvenient.
I have absolutely no problem.

You can remit on any date. I leave it to your choice. But once the date is chosen / Stick on to the date - through out the scheme.

For example If you choose, 9th of every month - stick to 9th for full 12 months.
The settlement also will be on the same date - you choose.

Amount once started - can not be altered - in between for 12 months.  This is just to ease my accounting.

For the members you introduce - you can either collect (or) ask them to remit in my account  (or) can hand over in person directly.

For SIP - there will be new serial numbers , which you can quote for all your transactions.

If you have any doubts, you can mail me to





  1. Thank you very much sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  2. Many many thanks sir God is with our Group. Shape of Mr. Rishi Sir.

  3. Thanks for the additional details Sir.

  4. Thanks for the update...sir....

    Om siva siva om....

  5. very clear sir. thanks and regards.

  6. ரிஷி அழைத்துச்செல்லும் உயரங்களுக்கெல்லாம் ரிஷியுடன் இணைந்து பயணிப்பதையே எமது பாக்கியமாகக் கருதுகிறோம் அய்யா.

  7. வாழ்த்துக்கள் திரு ரிஷி , எங்களுக்கு ரொம்ப மகிழ்ச்சியாக இருக்கிறது. தங்கள் மேலும்,மேலும் வளர எல்லாம் வல்ல இறைவனை பிரார்த்திக்கிறோம். நன்றி அன்புடன் பாலு,காங்கோ

  8. Thank for clearing the members doubts.

  9. We are always with you at any sitchuvation be with you